Living Lightly With the One-Bag Lifestyle

Love the way you feel on vacation? Try bringing some of your travel habits home.

Bites and Rashes: Things to Avoid While Seeking Outdoor Adventures

This summer, protect your body’s biggest organ… your skin.

Man-to-Man with Author and Adventurer Jason Foux

“Jason Foux had an itch. And like any itch, it wasn’t going to leave him alone until it was scratched.” An interview by John Swartz.

Missing the Days Before You Were Married

The glass of retrospect distorts, for a moment, a married man’s memories of his globetrotting single days .

Street Kid Play Date

The son of world travelers meets the children of the streets.

Light Fare for the Soul

A world traveler asks: Can experiential junk food—like a boat ride to a beach resort—ever be spiritually nutritious?

“I knew my wife was the one the first time she showed me that she had my back.”

These are comments by Bruce and Paul Kidwell on the post “She’s the One”.

King’s Canyon Conversion

The first thing I discovered in the King’s Canyon wilderness was that I am not as good a man as I thought myself to be.

Guestpost #67: Chloe Trogden – Ten things I’ve learned from backpacking

Note: it’s always neat to get guest posts from people who I don’t personally know, but who stumbled on my blog. It’s cool. I’ve had posts from (among other places) China, Japan, Vancouver, and now, North Carolina! Bio: Chloe Trogden specializes in research involving all forms of college grants. She has compiled thousands of resources […]