What Binds Us

Reflecting on the recent tragedies of this past week, we must be reminded of our need for connection to each other as human beings, and that we must call ourselves and each other to be better.

A Once Forgotten Iraq Stills Echoes

Having worked in Baghdad for the Constitutional Support Program, Sara Johnson-Steffey reflects on a moment in time while wondering – did we forget about Iraq? — I sometimes find myself remembering the sounds of Iraq. The call to prayer, five times daily, piercing the haze of the air, a tinny shriek of bad amplifiers resounding […]

Safe from ISIS? Yes or NO, Panic is never the Answer!

With terror groups sophisticated use of social media and misinformation, panic and overreaction are not valid options. Measured, informed and solid security measured are.

Do More Americans Want a More Active U.S. in World Affairs?

With ISIS becoming a growing threat and potential global destabilizing force, should The U.S. take a leadership role, as part of a large international effort, to defeat it?

You’ve Got to Teach Your Sons Irreverence

It’s time to break the silence and let it all burn.

Explainer: What is ISIS and Where did it Come From?

Iraq is facing its most alarming crisis in years, at the hands of a relatively young jihadist group.

The Power of the Trigger: My Time in the Iraqi Civil War

Justin Cliburn speaks about his time as a gunner in Iraq.

A Piece of Shrapnel, A Purple Heart

As part of Gaby Dunn’s ‘100 interviews’ project, she wanted to talk to someone who was awarded a Purple Heart. Here’s the story of Brian Scott.

No One Deserves for This to Be Their Normal

There are people in this world who must forge ahead, who must go to work and go to the market and go to cafes not knowing if or when a bomb will go off.

Open Letter to Bush and Cheney From a Dying Iraq War Veteran

On the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, Tomas Young, an Iraq War veteran, has written a powerful and moving open letter to President George W. Bush and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney.

From Dork to Combat Killer in 14 Weeks

Matt Crowder looks back at the moment he knew he had to join the U.S. Military—the morning of September 11, 2001—and how that has turned him into the man he is today.

17 Things You Can Learn From Traveling

Humans are friendly and honest the vast majority of the time. Taxi drivers outside airports are the exception.

The Shadow of Beauty

Atalwin Polin talks about a reader’s kind contribution to his journey and the movement again Islamist free speech in Turkey.

A Sad Day with a Silver Lining

Atalwin Polin shares his story of globe-trotting, heartbreak, and new friends.

Maybe I Am a Good Guy

Atalwin Polin talks about how to love others and yourself in the face of trauma, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacy.

Repeating Iraq’s Mistakes in Afghanistan

War correspondent Michael Kamber talks about the lessons of Iraq, and how the situation in Afghanistan shows that they have not been learned.