How Losing One of My Balls Made Me More of a Man

They seem to symbolize the strength of a man. Hugo Toovey found out that losing one, actually made him stronger.

For the Love of Balls

Believe it or not, there IS a secret to life. And it involves balls.

How I Helped My Husband Get His Balls Out Of A Vice

Life can make it hard to see a future beyond what you have. Sometimes you just need a squeegee.

One Nut Wonder: Or the Day I Lost My Testicle

Alexander Miller vividly remembers the day he lost his testicle and the lesson it taught him about life.

Do You Really Think Testicles Have Anything To Do With Character?

If we’re going to assign virtues to random body parts, can’t we come up with some more inclusive options?

This is What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs (Video)

No time to play with your dog? No problem, just use this clever contraption instead!

“When you think about it, it does seem a little odd to associate testicles with courage.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Are Husbands Really Assholes? Or Do Their Wives Just Think They Are?”

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism: Two Excerpts

Two excerpts from Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel’s book The Guy’s Guide to Feminism

“If a man destroyed a woman’s genitals and killed her as a result there would be no jokes made about her.”

This is a comment by Jimmy on the post “Cup Check: Woman Crushes Man’s Testicles Resulting in Death”.

Balance the Budget With the Testosterone Tax

Men may feel they’re taking a boot to the groin, but it could be a great way to kick-start the economy.

Ten things I've learned from having a penis

Adjusting is a critical action throughout a man’s day. You don’t want your balls to get crushed, you don’t want to sit on your balls, you don’t want anything getting too warm/sweaty/itchy/squishy/bumpy/inappropriately erect. Most of my other body parts don’t care too much if I pay attention to them. They are like having lizards for […]

The Balls Don’t Make the Man

I read ‘The End of Men,’ re-read it, watched the debates, and now watch as it turns into a book. It provoked reflection on what makes me a man, and inevitably, I had to break it down to fundamentals.

Hand over your man card

Balls belong between your legs, not in  a purse.   Some guys don’t deserve to carry their own Man Card.  We’ve become a society that is comfortable with letting women hang onto men’s balls.  Apparently it’s for “safe keeping”, but I don’t buy that shit. Often times these women carry the juevos around in their […]

Sweet Sigs

Why do our signatures all seem to peak sometime during elementary school? Nick Lehr examines some of the best and worst penmanship in the MLB.

Towel Off With a Hairy Scrotum

Not only is this probably NSFW, it’s probably not for the squeamish.

What Your TSA Agent Is Really Thinking

TSA agents opened up on the blog Flying With Fish about what’s going through their heads while they’re juggling your junk.