A ‘Grateful’ Cash Grab


Is America’s once great Jam Band only grateful for the cash? Jerry really is dead, man.

Breaking Up With The Band

Johnathan Hales

Johnathan Hales used to play in a band before they kicked him out for being an asshole. He reflects on the failed relationship and what he has learned.

Inspiration Unpacked: Are You Hiding in Shadow?

shadow masks

It took an exploration of the meaning behind Tool’s “Forty Six & 2″ to bring Chris Hicke out of the shadow into the glory of perfect imperfection.

Butcher Knives’ Debut Album A Must Listen

001 Butcher Knives (c) 2013 Ana Pinto

The New York band’s diverse backgrounds blend into a tasty musical stew.

The Philly Drummer Boy: A Carol of Drums

photo (14)

Drumming in the snow, drumming night and day, playing different grooves and fills along the way. Bells on cymbals ring, making spirits bright, oh what fun is to play the drums all day and night!

On Being Threatened For Not Being Homophobic


Paul Blest on the gig that got out of control, and what he learned from it.

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable


In: off-beat locales, pie, alternatives to guestbooks. Out: meaningless traditions, cupcakes, and one-band weddings.

After Seeing Fine Arts Being Cut From Schools … Will My Child Have the Same Opportunities That I Did? (Video)


The short documentary “The Missing Note” shows how fine arts are not just fun but integral for students and their education and what we can do to save them.

“One guy broke into tears and said his classmate saved him from suicide by reaching out.”


This is a comment by AF on the post “Breaking News: Dudes Have Feelings”.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Playing in a Band


I’ve played on stages that were so small that we were literally bonking instruments together and couldn’t move at all. You learn to appreciate the small things…like space, working monitors and a half-decent sound engineer.

Never Stop Doing What You Love


You are what you do. Do what you love.

The Thing About Holiday Concerts


Carl Bosch attended his last Holiday Concert, and, well, it was glorious.

Ten things I've learned from playing in a band

NOTE: I used to play in a band called Broken Falls Community Hall Band. We played a bunch of gigs in Vancouver, made a CD, never made much money…and loved every minute of it. This is a page with a song on it (right-hand side): http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/bands/Broken-Falls-Community-Hall-Band. Here’s us playing on a ridiculously small stage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHxyiT5omYU Try […]

Ten things I've learned from running sound for my dad's jazz band

Everybody wants something different, which makes it impossible to keep everybody happy. With live sound, it’s not always a question of volume. You can often do more to highlight and clarify an instrument or vocals with EQ than with volume. You can have perfect levels, but once the musicians start playing and singing, they are […]

Guestpost #43: Stephanie Sheri – Ten things I've learned from being in the independent rock band Pan Out Now

Steph is a friend of mine, a musician, an improviser, and an all-around awesome person. She is also an excellent vocal coach: http://www.dragonflymusiclessons.com/dragonflymusiclessons.com/home.html Note: After graduating music college and being a professional working musician in Toronto, I took the plunge and co-founded an original rock band called Pan Out Now. It was an intense 13 […]

Guestpost #23: Josh McNorton – Ten things I’ve learned from playing music

Josh McNorton is one of those guys who is always fun to hang out with in any social situation…a connector. And then he has this deep, poetic side that seems almost jarringly different from his gregarious personality. He’s a character, is what I’m saying…and it all works somehow. He’s worked up and down the music […]