What Good Men Need to Know About Student Loans

Think student loans are worth the price? Alan Collinge, from Student Loan Justice, tells men how wrong that assumption really is.

Why 50 Cent Won’t Beat The Revenge Porn Rap By Crying Bankruptcy

50 Cent is finding out that he can’t shield himself from liability simply by filing bankruptcy.

Parent’s View: The Economic Impact of High Deductibles on Kids’ Health

Long lines at urgent care raise questions on the future of kids’ health.

Inspiration Unpacked: It’s Not the End

Whatever you think is going to put an end to you, bankruptcy, disease, divorce – if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

A Good Man’s Guide to Rebuilding Yourself

Kevin Donaldson Gives Tips on Rebuilding Yourself from the Ground Up

I Worked For a Collections Agency, and Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Credit… Seriously

In an ironic twist of fate, Oliver Lee Bateman took a job as a debt collector at the same time he was dodging a large debt himself.

Detroit Tigers Sign Miguel Cabrera for $292 Million. Meanwhile, Detroit.

The average teacher in Detroit would have to work 5,840 years to make what baseball player Miguel Cabrera will “earn” in 10.

It’s About Healthcare, Not Health Insurance

Healthcare is a human must. A sustainable high-quality health care system is the mark of a great society.

Emergency Manager Appointed to Detroit

Bankruptcy expert Kevyn Orr will have 18 months to save Detroit from financial ruin.

The Dying Game

Can a merciless marketplace be entrusted with caring for people?

The Male Guilt Trap

We’re not wracked by guilt, Tom Matlack writes, we’re amazed by the men who made something when nothing was left.

Former Pro Bowler Dorsey Levens Talks to Good Sports

We caught up with the tailback-turned-thespian to talk about acting, the private side of NFL players, head injuries, and the struggles of life after football.

Bye, Bye Blockbuster

Yesterday, Blockbuster Video finally filed for bankruptcy. The move likely represents the last nail in the coffin for brick-and-mortar video stores, which have been replaced over the past decade by Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, On-Demand TV, and my personal favorite: copyright-infringing P2P downloads. Blockbuster’s slow dissolve into failure comes three years after Movie Gallery, owner of […]