Why Our Kids Need to Get Back to Love Instead of the New “A-B-Cs” of Sunday School

Caleb Woods looks back to a day when the values in Christian Churches were a lot simpler. He wants our kids to return to the same message about Love that he learned.

The Wish to Sing with Primitive Baptists

In this stirring poem from Christopher Martin, the “wish to sing” is both literal and metaphoric.

Pull Up the Red Carpet that Leads to the Altar

Faith leaders plagued with the “Man of God” disease are becoming a liability to the community. They’re more interested in building a brand than being a servant.

In Spite of Leaked Sex Tape, Minister Shows Support for Kevin Terry

With two children out of wedlock, church musician Stanley Carter says he refuses to cast judgment on the embattled male gospel singer caught on camera in a sexual act.

The Black Church: Slain in the Spirit or Out For the Count?

The black church represents—more often than not—a time where the pulpit is laced with bulls*** and the pews and are filled with few. The disconnectedness in faith and freedom prompts the question: is the black church slain in the spirit or out for the count?

The Quiet of an Empty Heaven

When Jarad Dewing lost his brother, he lost more than just his sibling. He lost his faith too.

Did Men Do This?

When did violence, even the passive institutional violence of keeping women from being ordained, become a tool for proclaiming holiness?

I Thought You Were Like a Ken Doll

Is a man who is a virgin not really a man?

Inoculated Against Divorce

When the country’s divorce rate is tracked by the Center for Disease Control, tying the knot takes a lot of guts. Many couples, like Brian Blickenstaff and his fiancée, are turning to pre-marriage counseling for support.