The Historian And The Politician


An online intellectual fight shows the limits of the historical perspective in politics.

Four Other Presidents Who Weren’t Able To ‘Combat Russian Aggression’


The Kremlin’s hardline foreign policy is not a problem unique to Barack Obama.

The Incredible Sinking Barack Obama


President Obama’s approval ratings have been remarkably stable over the past four years.

“Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis: Presidential Edition (Video)

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 11.41.07 AM

Tweet Our President, as it turns out, is really f*cking funny.  — I don’t know if the President’s or Galinfianaskis’s sarcasm and wit shines more brightly in this interview, but I’ve been close to tears watching. Hats off to our President for maintaining such unabashed integrity while being asked these ‘tough questions.’ And many thanks […]

The End Of The Grand Bargain


The era of trying to strike a bipartisan grand bargain over entitlements, taxes, and the deficit appears to be over.

My First Loves Were A Glove and A Ballot.


Paul Blest on the Phillies, Barack Obama, and one incredible week in 2008.

Can We Please Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton?


The coverage of Hillary’s every move is a perfect example of the 24/7 news cycle at work.

So Long, Debt Ceiling Wars


With Congressional Republicans throwing in the towel over raising the debt ceiling, now would be a good time to end this silly and potentially destructive ritual.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Call It Bickering


The word “bickering” is one of the most overused terms in the lexicon of the political media.

Why “Hang Obama For Treason” Sums Up The Tea Party’s Message


A Florida candidate for local office recently said President Obama should go “straight to the gallows”. Paul Blest on what he meant and why no one should be surprised.

State of the Union Shuffle


Every State of the Union is supposed to be “more than just a speech” but in reality they are all just a speech.

The Last Black President

Barack Obama

Why would a high school teacher try to crush the dreams of a child? He doesn’t like Barack Obama.

What About the Fathers?


Kathryn Edin explores the complex reasons behind why there are so many absent fathers.

Black Privilege? Black Guilt? I Think I Have Them.


The greatest impediment to black people in 2014 is the idea that there is an authentic “black”-ness. Barack Obama would never be president if he believed that.

Former Secretary of Defense’s New Memoir Shows Depressing Lack of Context


Robert Gates’ memoir criticizes everyone else and doesn’t acknowledge facts about our involvement with Afghanistan.

Attention Liberals, Here’s How It’s Done


A controversial blurb in Rolling Stone shows what a post-Obama liberal agenda could look like.