Does Polling For 2016 Even Matter Right Now?


Forget the hype, polls about the 2016 presidential race are basically useless right now.

The Obama Popularity Surge


Barack Obama is hardly the nation’s most popular president, but his approval rating is on the up and up.

There Will Never Be A Republican Alternative To Obamacare

Joni Ernst

Republicans clearly don’t like the President’s landmark health care law, but they aren’t going to come up with anything to replace it with any time soon.

How Will History Treat Obama?


In all likelihood, history will treat Obama pretty well.

Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Working


President Obama has taken a lot of criticism over the rise of ISIS this year, but in actuality the group is falling apart.

The Last Exiles From Cuba

the last exiles

What will normalization between the US and Cuba mean for long-term exiles like the author?

Does Sony’s Fear Know No Bounds?

Does Sonys Fear by deepshitrulez

Matthew Rozsa is mad as hell that Sony pulled ‘The Interview.’ But he’s equally horrified by the company’s racist attitudes.

Barack Obama Is A Very Important President


You can agree or disagree with his agenda, but it’s pretty clear Barack Obama is having a huge impact on America.

Obama’s Executive Order Protects Bristol Bay from Drilling, but not Mining


There’s a very large element missing from the executive order… The Pebble Mine.

Bipartisanship Is No Utopia


Washington gridlock can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean bipartisan consensus produced outcomes that are necessarily more popular.

Why Did America Embrace Torture as Policy?


The Senate’s official report on the use of torture during the Bush Administration is out, and it’s hard to see how it could be worse.

Don’t Look To The President For Justice For Eric Garner


Real change in American policing will come at the local level.

Mitch McConnell Is No Genius


Yes the incoming Senate Majority Leader is a successful politician, but he’s hardly some political superman.

The Benghazi Scandal That Never Was


It turns out that all the talk about Benghazi over the last two years was a giant waste of time, there just never was a cover up.

What Is Black America’s Future After This Year’s Midterm Elections?

What Is Black America's Future Aftet This Year's Midterm Elections?

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with a group of black men in which they give their analysis of the recent midterm elections and what the future of black America entails.

Sorry America, Republicans Don’t Want Bipartisanship


It’s really hard to be bipartisan when one partisan side doesn’t want to.