Yes It’s Possible To Be A Successful President


Yes It’s Possible To Be A Successful President

Hurray For Lawsuits!


A recent Supreme Court ruling shows Congress should act if they think the President is breaking the law.

This is Not My America


Lost to America is the ability to compromise, which once made us the greatest of nations. Doug Zeigler wonders if we can ever regain the empathy for others that we once revered.

The Limits Of American Power

Peacekeeping - UNAMI

The current chaos in Iraq shows how limited American military power can be at times, and how big of a mistake the war really was.

Understanding Bergdahlgate


The Republican fury over the release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has more to do with the current state of the GOP than anything Obama did.

Fifteen Years Is Long Enough

Soldiers from 3 Scots Deploy from a Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan

If the US can’t accomplish its goal in Afghanistan by 2016, we probably won’t ever be able to accomplish them.

Why Presidents Fail


Presidents sometimes fail because of their own mistakes, but often times they appear to fail because of our unrealistic expectations.

Do Black People See Obama As The Messiah?

Do Black People See Obama As The Messiah

Dr. Vibe asks a group of black men: “Do Black Americans see Barack Obama as the messiah?”

The Republican Road Not Traveled


Has the Republican Party’s strategy of obstruction during the Obama years really been that shrewd?

The Lies We Tell Black Boys and the Truth They Deserve to Hear

black boys-AfroDad-flickr

We need to stop teaching our black boys how to survive in a world not designed for them, and instead show them how to design a world that will allow them to thrive as individuals.

What I Learned While Teaching Black Boys

Jeff Jones Teaches1

Black boys matter. They care, and they have value.

Liberals Should Want Someone To Run Against Hillary


If liberals want their policy preferences respected they should work to get more people in the presidential race.

Immigration Reform Is All About The Republican


When it comes to passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill President Obama just doesn’t matter that much.

Structural Racism is Alive and Well in The U.S.A.

structural racism is alive and well by a2gemma:

Warren Blumenfeld argues how Bundy and Sterling allow society a classic Freudian reaction formation, which shows that the U.S.A. is far from being in a period of post-racism.

If You Like Your Plan, You Couldn’t Keep It Anyway


All those stories about Obamacare canceling millions of insurance plans turned out to be mostly hype.