Can Women Cross Men’s Sexual Boundaries?

Great efforts have been made to make men aware of women’s boundaries and how they can be crossed. But can the tables be reversed between men and women in some instances? Jonathan Delavan shares his recent personal experience when it seemed the tables were turned on him.

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Inspiration Wanes

A geese family, two youngsters, and a flute help revive Spoon Jackson’s inspiration.

“I go to AA to hear other’s experience, strength, ideas and to share my own.”

If you are a teetotaler, what things have helped you stay sober? If you aren’t a teetotaler, what helps you say in control of your drinking habits?

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Walking into a Bucket of Blood in a Strange Town (and Getting Out Alive)

“This is why pirates wore eyepatches. You want some night vision as soon as you get in there.”

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Smoke in Your Eye

What I felt for her wasn’t love. It was more an addiction.