Left Field

Steve Garrett reflects on the wonders of The Game.

Wake Up Kid! Listen to Your Heart

My heart has never let me down. All I have to do is listen, go forth and get out of my own way.

Comment of the Day: ‘It’s a great bonding experience between a father and a son’

Quality time with our kids is precious.

How My Son Taught Me To Play Catch and To Be a Better Dad

We don’t have follow our fathers’ example. Sometimes, we can follow our sons’.

66-Year-Old Former Pro Pitcher Still Throws a Killer Fastball

Choji Murata played as a professional pitcher in Japan for more than two decades, and retired in 1990. Now, 26 years later, he proves he’s still got it.

Hockey Team Threw ‘Spacey in Space’ Night and Kevin Spacey Actually Showed Up

Sometimes sports teams do weird things to get people into their arenas. But when the Florida Panthers held a special “Spacey In Space” night, one very important person showed up.

God Bless the Bad News Bears

Old movies have a way of making it clear how much times have changed. And this movie is no different.

In a State Wrought with Racial Tension, Jackie Robinson Suited up for his First Spring Training Game

Like any other player, Robinson needed to earn his spot on the Montreal Royals’ roster.

Striking Out Made Him a Better Man

Little Austin strikeout never hits the ball. Swings too early. Swings too late. Swings just like an iron gate.

Adam Laroche And His Son, The Good News From It All

The Adam LaRoche situation, even with its controversy, validates how far we’ve come in recognizing the importance of involved fatherhood. — Baseball and fatherhood are my two favorite topics, so when the curious case of Adam LaRoche and his fatherhood-related exit from the Chicago White Sox broke last week, some asked me for my thoughts. After […]

Call for Submissions: Thank you Coach!

How did your coach influence your life?

5 Important Mindsets for Dads When Your Adolescent Wants to Quit

Is playing sports your child’s dream or yours?

Hate the Red Sox? This Yankee Fan Doesn’t Understand

Rich Monetti doesn’t get all of the Red Sox hate – and here’s why.

Are You Killing Your Child’s Childhood?

During hard financial times Keola wonders if his children are losing their childhood.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

A corporate trainer and college baseball official offers leadership lessons through the eyes of an umpire.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame: Junior Dominated a Man’s Game With the Joy of ‘The Kid’

Celebrating the career of Ken Griffey Jr. is a celebration of joy. It’s celebrating greatness at its purest form, untainted by the shady steroid era. It was watching a kid play a sport like a man but enjoy it like…a kid.