Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

A corporate trainer and college baseball official offers leadership lessons through the eyes of an umpire.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame: Junior Dominated a Man’s Game With the Joy of ‘The Kid’

Celebrating the career of Ken Griffey Jr. is a celebration of joy. It’s celebrating greatness at its purest form, untainted by the shady steroid era. It was watching a kid play a sport like a man but enjoy it like…a kid.

One Minute Memoir of a Semi Embittered Lifetime AA Batter

Dennis Mahagin offers a snapshot of a jaded ballplayer.

Baseball’s Turn to Say It Ain’t So For Joe Jackson

100 years after Joe Jackson and the White Sox plotted the 1919 World Series, his ban was lifted and he earned a plaque. Rich Monetti asks what’s wrong with this picture.

For the Love of Balls

Believe it or not, there IS a secret to life. And it involves balls.


This poem from Joshua Martin is a work of rare power and honesty.

Rooting For, and Not Against

Rooting for, and not against, sets an example of sportsmanship

What Baseball Can Teach Us At Work

Can America’s favorite pastime improve workplace performance? L. Georgi DiStefano and Bill Eddy tell us how.

‘Field of Dreams’ A Movie That Spans the Distance Between Fathers and Sons

Movies reflect the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Here is what our community says about a classic one. — This post is the second in our new series on “Movies and Manhood.” The series gives our regular writers a voice to share how specific movies have impacted their thinking about men. Our […]

World Series Game 2, Re-Told in Cartoon!

View image | After a back-and-forth opener of The Series, Game 2 was more of a one-sided affair. ____ With KC playing host again for Game 2, the Royals’ bats kept the home team fans on their feet. With ten total hits — compared to the Mets, who only had two hits from Lucas […]

World Series Game 1 Recap, In Cartoon!

View image | Game 1 of the World Series had it all: Drama, intrigue, excitement… even a power outage!  __ Home Runs, both inside-the-park and over the wall, followed by errors, 22 total Strike Outs recorded, some bottom of the 9th heroics and a 5-hour game made for an “instant classic.” Here’s a recap […]

Samurai Slices Through Flying Baseballs

Take one pitching machine, add one samurai with sword. FIGHT! Who wins? The samurai wins, of course.

The Fall Classic, In Cartoon!

Are you ready for another Rocking’ Rocktober? Well, baseball’s annual championship series starts anew, with New York visiting Kansas City for Game 1 and 2.

I Know That Look, Cubs’ Fans

Boy, does Nathan Graziano sympathize with the Cubs’ fans. — While watching the Cubs/Cardinals game on Tuesday night, I noticed a lot of familiar looks as the television cameras panned through the crowd at Wrigley Field in the ninth inning. The Cubs had a two-run lead going into the top ninth against the St. Louis […]

Why Winning Isn’t Everything: Our Boys Can Teach Us More

How “boys will be boys” needs to go and “for the love of the game” is the only way to play

5 Things Watching the Chicago Cubs with my Grandpa Taught Me About Being a Dad

DiaryDad shares 5 things he learned while watching the Chicago Cubs with his grandpa. — I’m turning 40 this year, and if I could cap it off with any one thing it would be the Cubs winning the World Series.  Now before  I get the cart before the horse I realize that there is a lot […]