Poppin’ Off: Gregg Popovich’s 1,000th Win Means More Than Any Other


It’s never been about the glitz and glam for Gregg Popovich, or “Coach Pop.”

A Brief History of . . . The NBA Slam Dunk Contest


Mike Kasdan looks back at the highlights from classic Slam Dunk Contests of yesteryear and previews this years contest.

Why Adam Silver Is By Far The Best Commissioner In Sports


You may think you know the greatest man in professional Sports. But you haven’t come close.

If You’ve Ever Been Afraid….


Fear can be a powerful force against trying something new—but that might change after you checkout this incredible video montage.

Could You Make These Trick Shots? These Dads Can. [video]


Golf, football, soccer, pool, these dads have it.

Isaiah Austin, The Man >> Isaiah Austin, The Basketball Player (And That’s Saying Something)

Isaiah Austin Portrait

Good Men Project Sports speaks with former Baylor basketball star, Isaiah Austin, about overcoming adversity, the power of sports as a platform for leadership, and the meaning of true achievement.

Don’t Cry, You Just Got Dunked On…


This catchy basketball rap will have you and your kids making everyone cry—‘cuz they just got Dunked On!

Thank You Chicago for Lending Me Your Bulls


He’s not a Chicago native, nor has he lived in the city, but in the 90’s the Bulls were his life.

The Best of “Sports Explained . . .” for 2014


If you make only one resolution in 2015, make sure you resolve to checkout our “Sports Explained…” series every week. We promise you’ll flip over them— you’re welcome!

From the Front Lines…of Sports: Face to Face with Manute Bol


Billy Fishkin shares the story of the ignition of his fascination with Manute Bol.

Sports Explained: Basketball

Fletch - GMP

How did we forget basketball!? Mike Kasdan makes amends.

I Saw the Dr. Dish iC3 Home Shot Trainer and BAM! Instant Love and Joy.

iC3_beautyshot_dr dish

Alexander Yarde knows what’s on his holiday list this year. 

Has Unwillingness To Play Through Injuries Taken The Bloom Off Derrick Rose?

Rose - GMP

Chicago Bulls star, Derrick Rose, is back, but for how long? His comments and actions hint at bigger issues. – Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose was on the court Monday night for the first time in five games. He played 25 minutes against the Utah Jazz, scoring 18 points and dishing out five assists to […]

Don’t Discount the Philadelphia 76ers Just Yet


This year’s 76ers are not about basketball. Rather, the 2014-15 76ers are all about potential and hope.

New York Knicks: Chasing Ghosts in the Garden or Trying to Find Their Zen Garden?

Phil Zen - GMP

David Chmiel examines the current state of the NY Knicks, where Phil Jackson stirs fading memories of the team’s glorious past with a team not built for the future.

The Alpha Male In Sports, A Dying Breed?

Kobe - GMP

Deep in the heart of the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, the last of a dying breed fights the winless battle. Does Black Mamba’s last gasp mirror the changing conception of man in our society?