Are You a Quiet Leader?


Sean Swaby has a confession to make, he is a Quiet Leader.

Why I No Longer Care About Superhero Movies

Superhero Mural

Matthew Rozsa has one thing to say about superhero movies: Enough!

4 Superpowers to Awaken in Your Child

4 Superpowers to Awaken in Your Child

“We talk so much about leaving a better planet to our kids, that we forget to leave better kids to our planet.” -Gerry Burnie

The Evolution of Batman


50 years of music and film all rolled together in front of the cars that have become the icons of super hero history.

Warner Bros. Suicide Squad film casts its Harley Quinn!

photo 3-6

Aussie Actress Margot Robbie will be the maniacal Joker’s paramour in Warner Bros. Suicide Squad.

Who Watches ‘The Watchmen’?


Matthew Gilman shows us the underlying themes in ‘The Watchmen.’ Will you ever look at ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘The Old Testament,’ ‘Iron John,’ mythology, and politics the same again?

‘Gotham’ A Prequel to Power


Brandy Pettigrew reviews Fox’s new show. Can you find all of the future heroes and villains in Gotham?

Real-Life Batman Surprises Drivers On Japanese Highway


Batman takes his Batmobile for a causal spin on a Japanese highway and delights a few fans along the way.

Batman is Totally Overrated


Why isn’t the rest of the world tired of this guy who should go to therapy instead of crouching on rooftops and brooding in shadows?

Why Do Superheroes Need Alter Egos?

Why Do Superheroes by Adam Bailey

On the occasion of Batman’s 75th birthday, Thomas Fiffer explores the duality that defines superheroes.

What Makes Batman, Batman?


Could you be Batman?

Which Fictional Character Would You Like To Be?


Slade Grayson would be Batman. For reasons.

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is The New Title for the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel


It’s not quite ‘The Phantom Menace’, but here is the title for the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel.

Batman Revealed! First Pictures Of Ben Affleck’s Batsuit

photo 5-5

Alex Yarde shares the first pictures of Batfleck in the new Batsuit.

What’s The Nerdiest Thing You’ve Ever Done as a Husband or Father?

What’s The Nerdiest Thing You’ve Ever Done as a Husband or Father?

Tom Burns knows what his geekiest moment as an adult was and he wants to know yours too

The Subway’s No.1 Charmer

Victor Vasquez

Inside the cramped and crazed subways of New York, a colorful conductor on the 1 train brightens commutes with off-script announcements.