Old War Movies and the News

Army veteran and GMP favorite Dwight Gray shares a winning poem on war, socialization, and one boy’s path to soldierhood.

A Challenge to Men: Take Each Day Gladiator Style

Which kind of gladiator are you: the one that brings the battle or the one that has the battle brought to them?

Battle? No, I Will Reverse You

Anthony McPherson on fighting racism.

War. What Is It Good For? Still Absolutely Nothing.

Marines who fought at the battle for Fallujah are now wondering if they fought in vain. Which prompts Michael Kasdan to seek an answer to the question of what war is really good for.

War Movies, Good God, What are They Good For?

Absolutely understanding their effect on young men’s idea of war?

Battle of Midway, photo 80-G-701843

Von Thompson brings out the horrors and human costs of World War II’s Pacific Theater.

From Bouncer to Buddhist—a Journey Towards Peace

Ty Phillips didn’t think twice about violence, until he started thinking seriously about it. Then everything changed.

Depression Is a Murderer. RIP Robin Williams

Eric Shapiro is heartbroken to learn that the lovable genius lost the fight.

Letting Go: A Mother Prepares for Her Son’s Enlistment

In just two weeks Marilyn Weingard’s son Steven is leaving to help a nation at war. Here’s how she made peace with his decision.

Fighting In Your Own Skin

Jarad Dewing’s path and reasons for being ordained were different than his father’s, but their desire is the same: to foster love.

Afghanistan and Iraq: Photographs by War Correspondent Michael Kamber

“You can’t enter here with a camera,” I was told repeatedly.

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Why I Didn’t Sign Up For the Military

One millennial admits why he never signed up for the military. It’s not because he doesn’t want to fight.

“I don’t expect perfection from the boys. I want them to be okay with not being perfect.”

This is a comment by on the post “Why Perfection Is the Lowest Standard You Can Set for Yourself”.

The Battle They Didn’t Choose: His Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer (Video and Photos)

Before going to bed each night, Angelo Merendino and his wife would ask each other one question.

“Depression rolls in like fog regardless of the situation. Every day is like a battle.”

These are comments by Osnat, Jen, and Scott on the post “Darkness Falling”.

What’s Your Fight? 10/6

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What has been or is your life’s greatest battle?