Masculine Messages from 2016’s Academy Award Nominated Films

Author Jay Cradeur shares his observations of five must see Academy Award nominated films.

Can a Man Scare Away a Charging Bear? Why Yes He Can

Ralph Persson and his wife were out walking their dogs in Sweden when they encountered a bear. Ralph took his protector role very seriously here.

Are We Too Glued to Our Phones?

“A guy walks into a bear…”


A day in the forest and a shared moment of wonderment bring a father and his teenaged son together.

Queer Polyamory and the Challenges of Male Privilege

Angelus Morningstar explains how queer polyamory challenges ingrained behaviors of masculine dominance within same-sex relationships.

Two Men and Their Tutus

JJ Vincent fights stereotypes. But sometimes the chance to genderbend – and the call of the floof – is overwhelming.

Alaskan Dad Battles Bear to Save Family

This week’s Manly Man Award goes a guy who’s not afraid to fight when he has to.

Man Searches For Husband in Seattle Bear Scene

An excerpt from Dennis Milam Bensie’s book, One Gay American.

VIDEO: How To Handle A Bear

Brighten your day in one minute flat.

Getting Ready

In this installment of Love, Recorded, preparations continue for the arrival of the Eun Chong and Cathreen stares at sushi.