Can a Man Scare Away a Charging Bear? Why Yes He Can

man scares bear

Ralph Persson and his wife were out walking their dogs in Sweden when they encountered a bear. Ralph took his protector role very seriously here.

Are We Too Glued to Our Phones?


“A guy walks into a bear…”



A day in the forest and a shared moment of wonderment bring a father and his teenaged son together.

Queer Polyamory and the Challenges of Male Privilege


Angelus Morningstar explains how queer polyamory challenges ingrained behaviors of masculine dominance within same-sex relationships.

Two Men and Their Tutus

Executive Tutu

JJ Vincent fights stereotypes. But sometimes the chance to genderbend – and the call of the floof – is overwhelming.

Alaskan Dad Battles Bear to Save Family

photo by rukakkuusamo

This week’s Manly Man Award goes a guy who’s not afraid to fight when he has to.

Man Searches For Husband in Seattle Bear Scene


An excerpt from Dennis Milam Bensie’s book, One Gay American.

VIDEO: How To Handle A Bear


Brighten your day in one minute flat.

Getting Ready

getting ready sushi

In this installment of Love, Recorded, preparations continue for the arrival of the Eun Chong and Cathreen stares at sushi.