How Do The Changing Roles Of Masculinity Affect Your Relationship?

Retro is in.

We keep searching for ways to define ourselves and our masculinity. Steven Lake examines how societal change and men’s view of themselves affect relationships.

5000km Walk Without Haircut or Shave

5000km walk

Watch Christoph Rehage change on his long walk and see the changes. By the end, he might need a shave.

It’s Hard Out Here for a Beard

It's hard out here for a beard Wikimedia Commons

The daily struggles in the life of this one guy and his beard.

Of Men and Beards

Beard, Beards, Men, Good Men Project

A bearded man ponders just what men do or don’t do with their faces and why.

Hello, His Name is Mandy Patinkin, and He is Awesome

mandy patinkin

Mandy Patinkin didn’t know what was going on, and he thought it was wonderful.

Attractor Factor: Beards

Hamm AP

Steven Lake has never gotten so much attention, and women keep telling him he’s sexy. Is it because of his beard?

Grow a Grizzly Adams Beard in the Workplace (Without Standing Out)


John Swartz, on how to go from clean cut to bushy beard without raising any eyebrows at work.

What Masculinity Looks Like on Pinterest These Days

Masculine thumbnail

We’re just sharing what we see.

Is Your Beard Robbing You of Smooches? [Sponsored]

Are We Killing the Kiss? Gillette

Gillette produced the above documentary to find out for sure. Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 women have avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair?

Not Shaving Face


My head has been victorious since the day I stopped shaving the front of it.

Shaving Face


If she doesn’t have to wipe off the sink so she can use it, doesn’t sigh or grumble about the mess, I celebrate a small victory in my head.

Hair and Identity


In his search for an image, Christopher Banks found himself.

Applying Some Powerful Self-Grooming to the Scraggly Full Time Dad


A straight up, no BS product review to clean up your beard.

My Wife Likes My Beard and So Does My Girlfriend


As a married man, I must say, its important to me what my girlfriend thinks about how I look.

Older Dad + Unruly Beard = Obvious Psychotic Break


Mark Greene confronts the horrors of daddy dishevelment with his Norelco QT4070, dammit!

My Beard and I Are Thinking About Breaking Up


My beard says things about me that just aren’t helpful. Why so hostile, little buddy?