The 3 Reasons Every Man Should Grow a Beard


As a bearded man himself, Tim Mousseau believes every man should grow a beard. His reasons might surprise you.

Beard haters in the 1860s!

beard haters

‘Rhythmical Essays on the Beard Question’

Best of 2014: Questions of Masculinity


The Good Men Project talks about the changing face of masculinity. Here are some of our best stories from 2014.

Awesome Guys Create Beard Ornaments For The Holidays


Want to add a little twinkle to your holiday? Try turning yourself into a human tree, like these guys!

The New York Beard Tax and Other Strange Beard Facts!

beard trim

Alun Withey combs through facial hair history to tidy up our beard knowledge

Who is the Lumbersexual Man?


Has the “metrosexual” of the last 15 years been replaced by the “lumbersexual”?

Tweets of the Day: Beards, Brooks, and Backs


See what our readers are saying on Twitter!

Beards, Moustaches, and Facial Hair in History

Gandhi_Jones_whiskers (1)

Male facial grooming doesn’t just follow fashion trends. There is also history in the beard, and culture in the moustache.

Shaving in the Trenches

straight razor Wikimedia Commons

How did soldiers maintain a shaving and grooming regime in the Great War?

Beards and Masculinity in History

Beard AP:File

Are beards more Popular than ever? What does the answer tell us about today’s men?

Bearing the Burden of the Beard


‘Passion’ is the story of Jack Passion. And his beard.

Becoming a Beard Mentor

Becoming Beard Mentor photo by giammi

Aaron W. Voyles looks at bearding tips and bonding for college men.

Problems Only Guys Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

no beard

In the Time of the Beard, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to grow one.

Of Good Men and Beards

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Savas Abadsidis talks to men about the way growing – or not growing – a beard defines manhood in their lives.

The Five Greatest Beards That Never Were

beard collage

Dewaine Farria on the greatest thing a guy can do with his face.

Men Don’t Need To Justify Their Beard Implants


If beard implants, or any other procedure of vanity or masculinity, make a man feel better about himself, who are we to judge? Athena G. Csuti explains.