Bears Scared Away By A 20 Pound French Bulldog

A security video shows a fearless French bulldog charging toward two bear cubs.

Are We Too Glued to Our Phones?

“A guy walks into a bear…”

Are Gay Men the New Face of Body Dysmorphia?

Ryan Shea looks at the pressure gay men are under to conform to body standards, and the toll this is taking on them.

Why Gay Men Hate to Love (and Love to Hate) Muscle Bears

Ryan Shea wonders if it’s self-esteem, envy, bitterness, or something else dividing this community.

At Last, A Gay Country Hoedown.

Singer-song Doug Strahm produces a country music video about a construction worker hesitant to come out.

On Body Acceptance: Woof, Take a Look at that Bear!

Beset with body issues for much of his life, powerlifter N.C. Harrison found solace in the fact that the gay bear subculture not only accepted but openly admired men like him.

The Perfect Male Body

In the first of a series of posts about the objectification of the “ideal” male body, Oliver Lee Bateman examines the life and times of fitness entrepreneur Joe Weider.

Man Searches For Husband in Seattle Bear Scene

An excerpt from Dennis Milam Bensie’s book, One Gay American.

A Guy’s Wilderness Canoeing Adventure

When young males are without older men as guides to the natural world, it’s easy for them to be completely disconnected from nature.

Hair and Identity

In his search for an image, Christopher Banks found himself.

Kings for a Day: A Bear’s First Pride

Gay pride is more than sex: it’s acceptance, diversity, and love.

“The ‘bear community’ is where I finally got comfortable just being a big, strong, hairy, burly guy with a beard.”

This is comment by NCH on the post “Bear Pride”

Bear Pride

Friendly, diverse Bear culture includes geeks, men who dance ’round purses, men who like pie.

Ted Arcidi: The Ultimate Musclebear?

Ted Arcidi:  I remember you, albeit dimly.  Big brawny mid-carder. One of the few Wrestling Superstars action figures I didn’t have. “Mr. 705 bench press” (and a legitimate lift at that, Dino Bravo).  You wrestled entire matches that consisted of nothing more than bear hugs and tests of strength.  Putting aside the completely untalented Jeep […]

The Trail

The Appalachian Trail is the ultimate test: endurance, perseverance, and surrendering control. For John Cave Osborne, nothing illustrates this better than having to run from a hungry bear.