A Belated Thank You to My Mother

Ty Phillips remembers the day his mother took the fall to stand between him and hurt.

Dear Kansas

Greg Correll believes that Kansas proposed new law on corporal punishment will sanction and increase child abuse. Here’s why.

Not Just Physically Do I Begin to Shatter

Vince Cousino Anila rides his bike, trying to escape the shadow of the abusive father he won’t become.

Former Marine Who Was Beaten Unconscious Defending Bullied Boy Would Do It Again

“It was the right thing to do” says Wen Jones, father of two, who interceded when a boy and his father were being bullied by three men.

Police and COPS: The Vasectomy Files 7

Jonathan Stack’s scary—but funny—experience with being nearly arrested in Guinea leads to a revelation.

“Chris Brown is SUPPOSED to be convincing us beyond any shadow of a doubt that he will never do something like he did to Rihanna ever again.”

This is a comment by Grey Aiken on the post “Chris Brown’s Twitter Deactivated After Tweet War with Comedy Writer”.

Wear an Away Jersey to a Baseball Game and You’ll End Up in a Coma

John Steigerwald is a moron.

With so much attention in the news about domestic violence and pro sports, Morris O’Kelly questions what we consider fair.