Why IS there such a resistance to the idea of male beauty?

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When a Man is Filled With the Love of a Good Woman

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Scott Sonnon writes a love letter over 20 years in the making.

Why Women Don’t Feel Beautiful (Until They Do)


Banu Sekendur takes a deeper look at a societal wound that effects both men and women, and invites us to do our part in healing it.

When You Find The Right Person, She’ll Be The Most Beautiful Girl You Know


When you fall in love with someone, everything about them, every quirk, every flaw, becomes beautiful.

“Does Anyone Feel Beautiful/Confident/Secure in Themselves?

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Will There Ever Be An End to Commercials Like This?

The Timeless Qualities Women Have That Men Will Always Find Attractive


Millennials and their lists. A young writer gives us his take on the things that make a woman truly special.

Dear 15 Year Old Self: Shower Naked in the Boys Locker Room Now

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And May the Force Be With You.

August Goes Like Gold


Laura McCullough writes on the seeming untouchableness of male beauty in this longing summer poem.

Sacred Dance (poem)

dance shadows

Paddy Murray shares his poetry—a gentle, intimate moment, the “Sacred Dance.”

‘Dead Men Can’t Catcall’

Smantha Peterson

Samantha Peterson: “A body like mine can only be described in metaphors.”

“Is Physical Beauty Important for Practically Everybody?”


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Men Don’t Need To Justify Their Beard Implants


If beard implants, or any other procedure of vanity or masculinity, make a man feel better about himself, who are we to judge? Athena G. Csuti explains.

Is It Time To Kiss & Break Up With Make-Up?

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When make-up becomes a mask that we use to hide behind, is it even possible to have an authentic relationship with ourselves or anyone else?

3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Know They Are Beautiful


Men are only recently comfortably embracing the concept of male beauty. Here’s why.

Ladies. Why Every Man Wants To Sleep With You.


The author explains to women why men constantly check them out. And why it’s OK.

A Dad’s Letter to His Daughter: Written From the Make-Up Aisle

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Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s heart sank as he considered what would someday happen to his daughter in the make-up aisle.