Do Men Care About Women’s Wrinkles?

Do Men Care by Look Into My Eyes

Those lines around women’s eyes? The men August McLaughlin interviewed said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Why You Can’t Find an Awesome, Sexy Woman to Love—Advice for Men

Why You Cant by Jody Frost

Kathryn Hogan shares a secret: pursuing a limited ‘type’ of woman is sabotaging your chance at real love.

3 ‘Abilities’ You Can Develop to Make You Great at Love


Tor Constantino shares three personal qualities you can cultivate to become a rockstar at love and relationships.

Hate the Game: How We Objectify Ourselves

Hate the Game by Cady McClain

Emmy Award-winning actress Cady McClain offers a raw, insightful look at the dark underbelly of Hollywood—its brutal objectification of women.

Unspoken at JFK

RSO&I/FE '07'

David Eye offers a moment of horror and a moment of beauty at the airport.

From Coal Miner to Award-Winning Photographer


Ray Collins gets up before dawn, pulls on a wetsuit and jumps into the ocean swell in search of the perfect wave.

A Great Cosmic Joke: The Hilarious Human Body


Human beings are clumsy, hairless monkeys obsessed with looking beautiful. How is that not funny?

An Addict’s Guide to Overcoming the Distraction Habit

overcoming the distraction habit

Leo Babauta on how to keep distractions from turning us away from the miracle of life all around us.

Dads Can Define True Beauty for Their Daughters


Tor Constantino looks at how dads can help daughters value their true inner beauty, not fleeting outward looks.

Comment of the Day: “My perception of beauty has always been different from that of the men around me.”


This comment is from Theorema Egregium on the post “The Fatal Flaws of Pick-Up (And a Promising Alternative)”

A Dad Sounds Off on Alleged Slurs Against Pregnant Women’s Bodies


An online article highlighted supposed slurs against pregnant women’s bodies, and this dad saw red. He weighs in on the beauty he believes men see in their childbearing spouses.

Ladies, You Are All Goddesses


Whether you know it or not, you are all beautiful.

A Dad Rants Over the “Kardashianization” of Society


A dad coins a new phrase: “Kardashianization.” Here is why he feels the concept is destructive to those he loves the most: his daughters.

How To Make Her Feel Like The Most Beautiful Woman In The World


Jordan Gray believes that your partner deserves to know how much she affects you.

White Ambition: Thailand’s Desire to Become Whiter


Phil America’s privilege as a white man prompted him to learn about the people of Thailand and abroad.

The “Pretty” Prison: the Dad of a Daughter Ponders the Weight of a Word


A dad discovers a common compliment for girls is not as positive as many think. It is a trap. Here is his plan to free his daughter from its grasp.