A Plea To the Man I’m Raising

Right now, you know only good. As you learn the bad this world can offer I hope you never, ever give up.

So You Want to Be In a Relationship?

Relationships are hard. Daniel Dowling has a unique approach that will help you overcome the challenges.

Don’t Think Men Get Eating Disorders? Watch My Life-Changing Story

Why a man who overcame an eating disorder to lose 160 pounds still struggles to believe he’s lovable, worthy, and sexy enough to deserve to be happy.

The Dire Challenge to Continually Contradict Myself

The changes I have undergone as I have matured as a man and a person, contradict the person I used to be.

Richard Linklaters: Boyhood Was Not For Me

Life is a tragedy when you’re a boy in high school trying to figure out the lens of which life should be viewed through. Can you relate?

I Was Asked to Give Life Lessons to a 13-Year-Old Boy, Here’s What I Wrote

Here are some things (in no particular order) that might help you on your journey.

Abandoning the Tough Guy

I grew up on typical guy films: action, horror and organized crime. They were no longer fiction—they were training films for me in how to be a man. So what changed?

The Man Who Carried Snakes

The search for manhood is like climbing a cliff to jump into a lake, going up is easy, but it’s a long way down.

Thanksgiving, 1975

1975. That was the year I made a decision and learned a secret that would change my life.

Guyland: The Time Between Boyhood and Manhood

Raoul Wieland didn’t expect to be so moved or challenged by Michael Kimmel’s book about the process of how boys become men in our society.

Unexpected Lessons From Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Christian Clifton finds some great lessons in Jeff, Who Lives at Home. All it took was being willing to watch it more than once.

Perception, Environment, Tradition – 10 Questions About Gender

JJ Vincent asked a 38-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

What I Learned from Watching Men (Before I Became One)

In becoming a man, Dillan DiGiovanni realized this: “I am in charge of the guy I am.”

Authentic Man Experiment – Authentically Awkward

Damien Bohler’s search for authentic love is thwarted when he screws up royally with a girl he really likes.

My Father’s Glasses

With his father’s passing, Geoff Kronik ponders how he felt like less of a son by half and somehow also more like a man.

The Bad Man Project

“He wondered if the reason he felt momentarily complete during coital orgasm was that he had convinced himself that he was once again inside the womb.”