You’re A Better Cook Than You Think

A millennial’s reflections on his first year in the kitchen and a culinary call-to-arms

Seven Beers and a Pension: Financial Freedom for the Rest of Us

Between bringing home the bacon and winning the bread, financial burdens can be enough to unmake anyone’s sandwich. Jeremy McKeen invests heavily concerning the death of the last salesman.

You Can Always Have Another Beer

Charlie Scaturro finds the beauty of life is in beer… um, no, that’s not it. The beauty of life is in choices made… or not, or another beer…

Why We Run #23: A Group That Runs Together, Drinks Together (Or Something Like That)

Kase Johnstun says he runs for the camaraderie and honesty that can only be found in the brutality of those long miles together.

The Effect of the Man-Box on Joy

There is a stereotype out there that guys are only interested in sex, sports and beer. Maybe that’s because those are man-box approved ways of expressing joy?

The Beer and Basketball March Madness Running Diary

Armed with a selection of regional microbrew beers, Doug Zeigler rambles his way during the best sports day of the year: Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament

I’m Not Sure But I Think the Super Bowl may be Subliminally Telling Me to Buy a Truck

Michael Kasdan and friends are talking Super Bowl commercials. Because on Super Bowl Sunday the recipe is beer, trucks, and a flavorful dash of football.

Love To Drink Beer? Let’s Go To Munich

Drink beer and be merry in one of Germany’s most enchanting cities.

I Bought Beer For Teenage Boys

And I would do it again.

Beer in Portland is Fighting Homelessness

What if charity were a celebration instead of a solitary and sober act? Pints of beer in Portland, Oregon are changing the world.

What Do Beer, Football, and Star Wars Have in Common?

Football season is here, which means beer season is here. And it’s always Star Wars season. So what’s missing?

College Made Me Think I Hated Beer

Aaron W. Voyles bemoans the masculinity of beer.

The Most Dangerous Word

A run in with a former student who believes schools fail youth.

Why The Michael Sam Kiss Freaked Me Out

A ‘typical’, beer drinking, hetero guy saw Michael Sam’s Draft Day kiss. Here’s his honest reaction.

Four Laps + Four Beers + 4:57.1 = Beer Mile History!

Accomplished runner James Nielsen combined athleticism, scientific principles, and a few cans of Budweiser to accomplish what many thought impossible.

Half-Man, Half-God From California Sets Beer Mile World Record (VIDEO)

James Nielsen is a champion among beerdrinkers everywhere.