To Meddling Parents of Grown Children: STAND DOWN!


As parents our ultimate goal should be to produce self-sufficient humans who will make good choices in life.

My Relationship Sucks. Could the Problem Be Me?

My Relationship Sucks by Stuart Richards

When there’s trouble at home, we’re quick to avoid blame and point the finger. But what if we’re the problem? These three questions can determine if you might be the primary cause of strife.

The Taoist Weather Report: Pop Goes the Ego


This episode discusses what can happen when we remember to let go of our infatuation with ourselves and see things in a more integrated way.

‘Be a Man’—The Cruelest Words We Can Speak to Our Sons

Be a Man by The Representation Project.jpg

How the language of disrespect destroys self-esteem and empowers violent behavior.

7 Addictions in Disguise

treadmill runner-HealthGauge-flickr

I never thought of myself as an addict before because I don’t have an unaccountable need for anything. Or so I thought…

Why are We Still Surprised There are Jerks in the NFL?

nfl logo

One second, Richard Sherman is the hero for the newly crowned NFC champions, the next he’s the most reviled man in the NFL.

This Guy Makes Your Abuser Look Good

Abuse Photo by Macnolete

Thomas Fiffer explains how abuse doesn’t always fit the stereotypes, and that is why it is sometimes difficult to recognize and act on.

23 Ways to Take Your Character to the Gym

Take your character to the gym photo by amslerpix

Could your character use a workout to make it as strong as your body? Vaughn Granier, with some suggestions.

Equating Love With Possession


The definition of love is not determined by the way we believe most people act with their lovers.

Confronting the Devil on Your Shoulder

photo by hatchibombotar

To find the way past the scars of emotional abuse, Thomas Pluck goes back to the beginning.

Living With Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


Borderline Personality Disorder… The Other BPD



Cecil Murphey speaks to the effects of abuse where one is groomed to believe that self-worth is determined by the praise of others.

Secondary Survivors


For those that love us and are aware of our past: the other survivors of abuse.

“I don’t expect perfection from the boys. I want them to be okay with not being perfect.”


This is a comment by on the post “Why Perfection Is the Lowest Standard You Can Set for Yourself”.

“I used to be convinced that ‘real men’ should only want sex and hate cuddling, kissing, and talking about love.”


Men, there are a lot of things that society tells you that you should want. Do you want those things? Or do you want something more, something different?

3 Things We Can Learn From U7 Basketball

Kids playing basketball

Parents and coaches have invaluable opportunities to teach and apply real-life lessons within the fun of organized sports. Unfortunately, many of us miss out on the opportunity.