Me and a Bag of Chips

convenience store

Jacob Rostovsky recalls a moment when doing something totally ordinary could have had completely unintended consequences.

Five Differences Between a Grown Man and a Mature Man


On his journey to adulthood, Matthew Branch has sorted through what it takes to be not just grown, but also mature.

A Message to My Assailant: Lessons on Being Human


“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

–Mark Twain

“Men: Your experience is not valid…women describe how gender effects you.”

men and women

This comment by Daran on the post This Infograph About Privilege Made My Day

“I can’t fathom what it’s like not to have a dad.”

Absent Father

This comment by Dr. Richard Norris on the post Where Men are Needed and Fathers are Few

On Being a Man

Sometimes we are alone.

Because sometimes it’s scary being a man.

I Am a Man

Man. Men.

When someone says those four words—I am a man—what does it mean? You’ll probably agree with Scott Heydt…more than once.

4 Good Things About Being a Man

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Transman lists 4 things that he has discovered since he started living as a transgender man.

5 Lies They Told Me About Being a Man

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Despite what society tries to tell you, you’re the only person who can decide if you’re man enough, Clay Andrews writes.

10 Responses to the Phrase “Man Up”


Are you tired of hearing this? Man up. Man up. MAN UP! So is he.

A Role of Their Own: 10 Questions About Gender

R, 32, is midwestern, married with children.

JJ Vincent asked a 32-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

Why I’m Tired of Being Told What a Man Is


Being a man involves a range of experiences, actions and thoughts, says Alex Finis. And quite frankly, he’s tired of being told what those things are supposed to be.

What Is It Like to Be an Overly Sensitive Man?

What is it like to be an overly sensitive man photo by andronicusmax

The realization that words or negative voices only last a short time is what makes an overly sensitive man into a confident man according to Sandeep Gourkanti.

Ironic Masculinity: The Way Forward?


Oliver Lee Bateman comes to terms with conventional masculinity.

America the Beautiful, America the Violent

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Darron Smith explains that when men of all stripes do not have an equal voice, they have few options.

“Man Up” – On Art and Masculinity in London

Mahtab Hussain, "Building Desire: String Vest, Two Tears" Courtesy of Mahtab Hussain/Sumarria Lunn Gallery

Zakia Uddin examines the issue of defining a “universal man” , and what it really means to “man up”.