The 5 Ways Gay Married Men Are Turning Back the Wedding Clock

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David Toussaint supports marriage equality, but is disappointed with the attitude of some couples towards the thing they worked so hard for.

A Good Person Can Be Hard To Find, Especially Online

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Ryan Shea thinks it can be hard to find a good partner on gay apps.

5 Times When You Should NOT Be Dating


Dr. NerdLove helps guys get better at dating… but even he agrees there are times you should just be alone.

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love

If you’ve been afraid to date or unhappy with your love life, ask yourself, “What story have I been telling myself?”

5 Reasons Being a Single Man is Kind of Overrated

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Damon Young lists the ways in which it sorta sucks to be single.

Astrology for Bitter Single People Who Don’t Believe in Astrology


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