These Hurting Souls Deserve Some Peace

Terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, and other places have left many people in deep pain. Don’t they deserve some serenity?

It Took Living on the Inside to See Jarheads As Individual Marines—And How Young They Truly Were

“Many were eighteen, and I was someone who might have known them socially, in another place and another time.”

From Opera to Vampire Weekend: My Musical Explorations with Son

Tsach Gilboa and his now teenage son each got to pick their favorites to watch on a musical journey together. Here is what they explored.

You Should Really Open Up

“What I am finding over and over again is that honesty heals.”

Bearing Witness in Beirut

I am starting to realize that the countries I choose to visit make it impossible not to think about conflict. Reading that sentence makes my laugh. How ignorant can a human being be? I went from Athens to Tel Aviv and from Amman to Beirut and after Beirut I will go to Baghdad via Cairo. I […]

Visiting Enemies: On Walking the Streets of Beirut

“I noticed something beautiful. People don’t smile here.”