It Took Living on the Inside to See Jarheads As Individual Marines—And How Young They Truly Were

U.S. Marines, Jarheads,

“Many were eighteen, and I was someone who might have known them socially, in another place and another time.”

From Opera to Vampire Weekend: My Musical Explorations with Son

Author and Son

Tsach Gilboa and his now teenage son each got to pick their favorites to watch on a musical journey together. Here is what they explored.

You Should Really Open Up


“What I am finding over and over again is that honesty heals.”

Bearing Witness in Beirut


I am starting to realize that the countries I choose to visit make it impossible not to think about conflict. Reading that sentence makes my laugh. How ignorant can a human being be? I went from Athens to Tel Aviv and from Amman to Beirut and after Beirut I will go to Baghdad via Cairo. I […]

Visiting Enemies: On Walking the Streets of Beirut


“I noticed something beautiful. People don’t smile here.”