The Nobility of Sacrifice

Do you believe there’s something noble in suffering? Theresa Byrne did, until she realized how much it was holding her back.

Dear Offended Christian, From a Very Tired Christian

John Pavlovitz pens a letter to those with damaging “Christian” beliefs.

You Are Being Manipulated All the Time

What does your reaction to a hat say about your ability to avoid manipulation? A woman wore a hat to work at Home Depot. That hat said…

How Do We as Men Become What We Deserve?

We become what we believe.

7 Wellness Tips for 21st Century Men

I was forever curious about people’s behavior and the thoughts that preceded their actions.

Comment of the Day: ‘You are NOT free to force others to live the same way as you’

We have a right to our own beliefs. Quit imposing yours on others!

Porn is not the Reason Your Marriage is Failing

How healthy is your sex life?

What You Can Do If You Are Not Failing Well

There are two ways to view your life. Sean Swaby wants to know which you subscribe to.

New Celebrity PSAs Address Myth, Societal Attitudes That Confront Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

We’ve all heard the dismissive refrains—things like “that doesn’t happen to guys,” “what kind of guy would let that happen to him,” or “he seems just fine to me.”

Divide and Conquer Politics made Easy in America

Is the two party system in America doing anyone any good?

Together, But at What Price? Anglican Ruling Against Same-Sex Marriage Marginalises US Church

After painful negotiations, leaders of the Anglican church have decided to “walk together” in spite of having deep differences on the subject of marriage.

Transcending Religious Ideas is Easy, Transcending Religious Thinking is Hard

Getting rid of the idea of Heaven doesn’t necessarily rid us of the longing for a painless paradise. John Faithful Hamer on religious conversation.

David Bowie: Artist, Legend, Ally

David Bowie has left behind a legacy that should make everyone ask, “What will my legacy be?”

Want To Change Perceptions Of Muslims? Support Students of All Beliefs

Religious diversity needs support. We have the opportunity to change headlines of the future, and here’s how.

Is Marriage A Ball And Chain?

Men often joke about marriage as being like a ball and chain. Does this metaphor get too much airtime? Dr. Steve hacksaws into this old adage.

Employee Engagement—We are Doing it all Wrong …

Want your employees to be engaged? Then make sure they feel happy and invested.