Together, But at What Price? Anglican Ruling Against Same-Sex Marriage Marginalises US Church

After painful negotiations, leaders of the Anglican church have decided to “walk together” in spite of having deep differences on the subject of marriage.

Transcending Religious Ideas is Easy, Transcending Religious Thinking is Hard

Getting rid of the idea of Heaven doesn’t necessarily rid us of the longing for a painless paradise. John Faithful Hamer on religious conversation.

David Bowie: Artist, Legend, Ally

David Bowie has left behind a legacy that should make everyone ask, “What will my legacy be?”

Want To Change Perceptions Of Muslims? Support Students of All Beliefs

Religious diversity needs support. We have the opportunity to change headlines of the future, and here’s how.

Is Marriage A Ball And Chain?

Men often joke about marriage as being like a ball and chain. Does this metaphor get too much airtime? Dr. Steve hacksaws into this old adage.

Employee Engagement—We are Doing it all Wrong …

Want your employees to be engaged? Then make sure they feel happy and invested.

Does Sex Sometimes Feel Like It Is More Effort Than It’s Worth?

There comes a time in every couple’s life when not having sex seems a better idea than having it. Dr. Steve explores how we are affected by the external world and how to manage these intrusions.

Coming of Age: Dad’s Influence on Girls to Women

Being a teenager is hard. Being a parent is hard. Be the Dad that bridges the gap.

Reflections On Being Raised By A Father

…who didn’t know his Father

7 Reasons I Don’t Give a Damn About Your Intentions, Only Your Actions

Actions speak louder than words.

Organizational Culture Is More Than Just Foosball Tables and Free Food

Many organizations get into difficulty working on their culture because they focus on the areas that are the most visible or seem the safest to explore.

There Are No Good Ones Left

Jordan Gray wants to challenge the idea that all of the good ones are taken… because they aren’t.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Islam (But Were Afraid To Ask)

This series in meant to increase openness, understanding, and personal reflection. The goal is not to change anyone’s mind; rather, the goal is to promote individual decision making based on thoughtful reflection.

Comment of the Day: When discussing passionate beliefs, attitude matters.

When it comes to discussing ideas and making intellectual progress, attitude matters.

The Pursuit of Hope: Rediscovering Humanity for All

Ernest Roberts believes that with a little faith, we can blur the lines between black and white.

10 Tips For Fighting Fair(ly)

Steven Lake examines practical ways of being that help in managing conflict with your partner. Not always easy, but well worth it.