The Conversation About Sexual Assault is Missing the Mark

kids with dolls

From UVA to the White House, James Lorello says when it comes to sexual assault we’re not getting to the root of the issue.

Ain’t I A Man?


Anthony Carter opens up about being an African American gay man in a world that, in his words, honors neither.

Why I Don’t Want to Write About the Santa Barbara Shooting

roses photo by Greta Ceresini

Joanna Schroeder isn’t surprised by the horrific, devastating mass murder just outside the campus of UCSB last night.

Maren Sanchez and Rage as the Male Emotion


Ariel Chesler explains that the side-effect of boys not being allowed to show “girile” emotions, is that all they are left with is rage.

White People: Take a Friend to See ’12 Years a Slave’


Jamie Utt has a request for his fellow white people this Thanksgiving weekend.

Ender, Gender, and the Fight for Humanity

enders game

Matt Wetsel on the novel that inspired this weekend’s biggest film.

Love Letter to White People

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White America, I am trying to love you in a different way, an honest way, a way that requires progressive change. I love you, and we need to do better.

Ask the Feminist Answers: Definitions, Recommendations, and Media Violence Against Men

bell hooks, feminism is for everybody, good men project, HeatherN, ask the feminist

Resident feminist HeatherN tackles the first round of questions in our new series, Ask the Feminist.

The Disposability of Black Men

Black men listening to a lecture

Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide?

Average Size … for a Black Man: Myths About Size, Racism, and the Patriarchy


Myths about Black men’s prowess reinforce racist stereotypes about Black men.

Want the Best Sex of Your Life? Just Ask!

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Jamie Utt explains how consent is about much more than preventing sexual violence.

Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note


Trey Malone took his own life two years ago today, in June 2012. His last wish was that his voice finally be heard and listened to.

Don’t, Can’t, Never… The Melancholy of Manhood

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Derek Bardowell believes the “can’t, don’t, never” culture of masculinity prevents men from challenging one another to be better men.

Defining Masculinity


“…gangsta culture is the essence of patriarchal masculinity.” An introduction to Jack Donovan’s new book, “The Way of Men.”

SlutWalk: Why They Walk, Why I Walk


Higher Unlearning and White Ribbon Campaign’s Jeff Perera looks back at the initial Walk heard ’round the world, and forward to this

Harrowing Video About Male Abuse Survivor

(Hat tip to n1l0c2501.) Trigger warning for explicit depictions of abuse. Minor spoilers for the short film Life’s Poison.   I was recently pointed to Life’s Poison, a powerful short film made for the PBS Online Film Festival about a teenage male who was abused by his father and the struggles he goes through in recovering […]