From Ice Cream to Transforming Politics, Ben & Jerry’s Rock!

From delicious ice cream created and marketed in a healthy, sustainable and socially responsible way, to a creative campaign to get money out of politics, Ben & Jerry’s lead the way

The Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s Latest Campaign

Ben Cohen, the first half of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, was at Union Station in Washington on Tuesday to literally give cash away. These were no ordinary bills, though.

Social Justice Is The Flavor Of The Month!

Julie Gillis applauds Ben & Jerry for supporting gay marriage with their new flavor, Apple-y Ever After.

I want Schweddy balls in my mouth

I can’t resist Pete Schweddy’s balls.   Yesterday I found out that one of my all time fav SNL skits is getting their own flavah of Ben & Jerry’s.  The dudes who brought you Chery Garcia, Phish Food and Magic Brownies, now brings us Schweddy Balls ice cream. In case you don’t know what the […]