You Dance and Shake the Hurt


Yago Colas reflects on race and basketball, as they were lived and played, body and soul, in 1970’s America.

Being a Sports Fan Is Totally Dishonest

Photo by martha_chapa95

There is, and always will be, something fundamentally dishonest about sports. How exactly that breaks, though, depends on the fan in question.

We Are Excited About ‘The Classical’

The Classical

A new website, The Classical, promises to consider sports in an exciting and worthwhile way, and they could use some money.

A Basketball Writer Who Can’t Ball

bball court

Bethlehem Shoals’ relationship with basketball exists through watching and writing about the NBA. Nothing with that, right?

The 10 at 10


Gold is at record prices, grad school loans will have higher interest, and Japanese scientists have invented a thinking, learning robot.

Imagining a Locked-out World


The NFL and NBA lockouts could have had a huge impact on the male psyche. Maybe they still will.

To Forget and Then Forgive


Whether you forgive Michael Vick or not, his recent Nike endorsement is a sign that he’ll be allowed to leave his past behind.

The Passion of Odd Future


Odd Future are one of the most buzzworthy, talented, and controversial young acts in music. Kevin Lincoln considers how their lyrical content—which includes bursts of misogyny and homophobia—should influence the way we listen.

On #Abandonment, Be It of Yard or Blog


Why are FreeDarko and the “On the DL” podcast shutting up shop, while John Steigerwald still has a job?

I Need Some Time to Not Watch Sports


Bethlehem Shoals, a basketball obsessive, explains why he watched the Oscars instead of last night’s Knicks-Heat matchup.

The Conversation: Fernando Torres, Carmelo Anthony, and Liberated Fandom


Two sports fans talk about the meaning of ’Melo, Fernando Torres, and “The Decision.”

Somewhere Between Winning and Losing

Basketball hoop

Bethlehem Shoals wants to rid our sports vocabulary of the “lovable loser” label.