I Don’t Know Your Monkey


While empathy is primarily intellectual, compassion is based in a desire to help.

For All The Guys Who Wish The Woman Of Their Dreams Never Found The Man Of Hers


Maybe there IS a friendzone. A young writer sends a dispatch from the ‘zone’. And he’s not happy.

Is Your Relationship Affair-Proof?

Affair proofing

Amy Daves is an expert at affair repair. She’d rather help you prevent betrayal from happening in the first place.

Affair Repair: Four Ingredients for Healing After Betrayal

affair repair

Amy Daves specializes in helping couples recover from betrayal. She simplifies this painful process into bite-sized pieces.

After Betrayal

trust, betrayal, adultery, infidelity, codependency, marriage

Darlene Lancer wants you to know: You don’t have to be ashamed if you’ve been betrayed by your spouse.

Can You Trust Men? Love, Life, and Betrayal

trust-by vagawi-flickr

Dr. Jed Diamond points out that most men, like most women, are trustworthy.

How a High-Trust Relationship Can Keep You Alive & Well in 2014


Dr. Jed Diamond looks at trust and love through the lens of health and wellness.

How to Deal with Divorce during the Holidays

How to Deal with Divorce during the Holidays, Sad Christmas, Your Tango, Good Men Project, Lonely Christmas, Sad and Lonely, Sad and Lonely during Christmas,

Divorce can be especially painful during the holidays. Laura Miolla gives these 7 tips for evolving into the New Year

How Not to Cheat

bride and groom, wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage, married, relationships, infidelity, cheating spouse, divorce, love, communication relationships, relationship therapist, marriage counselor, marriage advice infidelity

Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.

We Were Almost a Family Again, While the Song Lasted: Scenes From a Divorce #2

photo by hajime7

Steve Axelrod describes a Christmas morning filled excruciatingly normal moments of a life gone awry.

Who Gets Custody Of Our Friends?


Imagining how our friends will fall in the wake of a divorce reveals much about our character and values.

How Young Men Can Deal With The Stresses Of Peer Pressure

peer pressure, bullying, groups, cliques

Dealing with peer pressure can very stressful for many younger men, here are some suggestions on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure.

Another Morning in the Zendo


Nightmares of betrayal leave me with a sense of distrust and sadness.

A Person Is Not a Closet

closeted men, gay men in straight relationships, coming out, athletes coming out, pro athletes in the closet, masculinity, engagement, marriage, starting a family, living a lie

Did Jason Collins use his former fiancee, Carolyn Moos?

If You Ever Did Write Anything About Me, I’d Want it to be About Love


When a former love puts Conner Habib in the hospital, he is left reeling with questions of abuse, betrayal, and a shattered heart.

“If the football program is producing boys like these, it should be shut down right now because it’s creating monsters.”


Should the Steubenville football program and other programs whose students commit sexual assault be shut down?