An Orlando Theatre Professor Shares His Thoughts on the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy

After a successful show at Valencia College, John DiDonna and his cast went home. He heard some in his audience headed do Pulse along with many Orlando community members.

About Love, Toilets, and My Transgender Daughter

To the transgender kids, their parents, to the lawmakers, the bigots… My love does not discriminate.

What if Times Don’t Get Better Than This?

Shinobi Ninja asks “what if time’s don’t get no better than this?” But the infectious music seems to insist they will. We will make it so.

Kim Davis, Would You Mind Terribly Just Going Away?

Did Davis collect marriage licenses issued to gay couples during her jail hitch and issue new ones that removed all mention of the Rowan County clerk’s office and its staff? If true, the charge could land Davis back in the federal court.

Why Donald Trump is Not an Anomaly

A person with no governing experience and bigoted rhetoric should be a fringe candidate. Right?

Eighteen Surefire Ways to Raise Bigoted Kids

Never underestimate the power of what children pickup from the people around them.

The Accidental Racist; Unintentional Messages Sent to Kids

What we don’t say about race can confuse kids.

Banning Conversion and Reparative Therapies for Youth: One Step Forward

The history of “cures” for homosexuality reveals how discredited conversion therapies for gay and transgender children can irreparably harm young minds.

This is How Stupid You Look When You Stereotype People

One woman assumes Louis CK is going to co-sign her bigotry… but she doesn’t know he’s actually Mexican.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off on Businesses Who Humiliate Due to “Religious Freedom”

Bakers, florists and doctors have done it. Indiana just passed a law to encourage it, and Arkansas threatens to do the same. This gay dad has harsh words for two who have done it recently— tried to humiliate gay families by denying them service under the guise of “religious freedom.”

Three Grown Men Shamed by a 15-year-old Girl

Are there some circumstances where we should accept bigotry?

(Video) #Multiculturalism vs. #WomensRights: via Irshad Manji

#MoralCourage founder Irshad Manji says its time for multiculturalism to evolve

The Real Face of Courage

It’s hard to say who showed the most courage, but the effects of this free hug have been felt around the world.

Serena Williams to Luciana Berger, Racism not Tolerated

From public officials making offensive comments about private citizens, to private citizens making the same about public officials, bigotry and racism will not be tolerated.

Reclaiming Wonder From Above our Small Blue Home

We live on a fragile, small planet in a wondrous huge universe. We have to give it the care and respect it needs to sustain us.

Put Racism in the Right Place

This public service announcement gives a good perspective on a way we could deal with racism in day to day life.