What to Do If You’re Being Bullied

What to Do by Wellcast

Nearly one third of all students, or 13 million kids, are bullied each year. Wellcast offers some ways to stop the epidemic in its tracks.

Yes Hillary Clinton Is Good At Politics


While no politician is perfect, Hillary Clinton is good enough at politics to be president.

What Obama Poll Collapse?


The president is pretty popular all things considered. Ed Kilgore had some fun yesterday poking fun at our chattering classes’ theory of a second term collapse in Obama’s popularity: While we are staring at Obama’s numbers, it’s worth taking a look at some of the internals, particularly as they bear witness to the accuracy of […]

Polls For 2016 Don’t Matter Yet


Yes the race to see who will succeed Obama in the White House is in full swing, but polls don’t really tell us anything at this point.

How Going First Changes Everything In Your Relationships

Man and Woman Couple Laughing In Romantic Embrace On Beach

Ben Altman says that you will never truly connect with someone if you’re too busy protecting yourself to take a chance.

Is Suing and/or Impeaching the President Appropriate or Cheap Politics?

Suing d President

Should suing the President be limited and impeachment reserved for the constitutional definition of “treason,bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors”?

Call for Submissions: LGBT Pride and LGBT Book Month

National LGBT Pride Month, National LGBT Book Month

We’re looking for gay, bi-sexual, and transgender youth to tell their stories; to embrace this month by celebrating their sexual identity and gender identification, sharing how gender diversity is a gift, and reinforcing that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent.

On Scandals, Shtupping, and Dr. Seuss


Clinical Psychologist Cliff Mazer wonders what’s happening with some men today who just can’t seem to get it together.

1996: Guyhood … the Early Years (Part 1)

Betty Rubble, Flintstones, vitamins, 1996, Flintstones vitamins

While you chewed your Betty Rubble vitamin, what else happened in 1996?

War on Women: Republican Denial & Deflection

Rand Paul

Warren Blumenfeld thinks Rand Paul’s attacks on Bill Clinton are hypocritical.

It’s the Ice, Stupid: The Art and Science of Climate Change


The issue of climate change is so large it can be lost to abstractions. Ice may be the key we need to regain our perspective on reality.

The Chris Christie Campaign is Not Sunk Yet


The emerging scandal over Chris Christie’s staff causing traffic jams does not come close to dooming him for 2016.

Unsolicited Advice for Bill de Blasio

bill de blasio

The new most powerful mayor in America has a lot of expectations to live up to. Here’s a few more.

Nonpartisan Support: Letters From The President to Crestfallen Athletes


It’s always nice to see someone use a position of power to lend a helping hand with absolutely no hint of an ulterior motive.

Why Women Need to Challenge Men in Healthy Ways

military couple

Iraq War veteran Michael Anthony believes women should challenge men, not coddle them.