3 Things Besides Love That Parents Need to Give Their Kids


Love is essential, but Tor Constantino identifies three things parents need to provide besides love to raise healthy children.

Cosby, USA


Patrick Howell looks at The Cosby Show and how, 30 years later, visions preceded reality.

The Blackslide:The Golden Age of Blacks on Television


Alex Yarde thinks resting upon our laurels cost us progress for blacks in television.

Bill Cosby Back With New Special and Album

Bill Cosby Far From Finished

Cos’s stories of aging manhood are a delight.

What Do You Think of Joss Whedon’s Commencement Speech to Students?


The famous writer and director said to students: “You are all going to die.”

‘Guys With Kids’ Broadens TV Landscape of Black Men and SAHDs


A sitcom that stands out by subverting race and gender norms on network TV.

Book of Job


My dad once had me prove I went to church by explaining that Sunday’s sermon.

Video: The Man Behind the Cosby Sweater

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 4.24.00 PM

Turns out, the father of the Cosby Sweater craze is pretty damn awesome.

Time for a Speak-Out

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 2.09.56 PM

Mark Sherman says it’s time for men to stop feigning shock and outrage when a famous man is accused of adultery—and even take the next bold step.

Humor: Bill Cosby Problems [@billcosby]

Go on. Have yourself a freaking pudding pop after you see this one.

Screw Cliff Huxtable


Jim Higley says he’s the dad worthy of emulation.

Great Moments in Greatness: The Good Doctor Gets His Groove On [@billcosby]

Another classic moment from the legendary sitcom, The Cosby Show

Humor: The One Time You Don’t Mind Getting A Bill

Awwwwww, there’s something special inside, just for you!

Culture: A Gang You Don’t Have To Fear

No need to fear these guys, but man can they jam!

Respect: Happy Birthday Bill Cosby [@billcosby]

Today marks seventy four years of Bill Cosby, and a grateful planet Earth issues its thanks!

Leave It All To Me

I will make you change your mind these things happen all the time And it’s all real I’m telling you just how I feel Miranda Cosgrove, AKA, iCarly First off, I know.  It’s iCarly.  I have this whole collection of music to choose from and I pick the theme song from a freakin Nickelodeon show?  […]