Invasive Species

Biology would like to believe that it has long since transcended politics and history. But what is the notion of an “invasive species” if not a repulsive echo of the fetid 19th-century obsession with origins and racial purity? How can you look at a beautiful burdock bush (Arctium lappa) on the sunny slopes of Mount […]

What Is Transgender?

A moving and informative explanation of one person’s transgender experience.

Neuroscience Proves What We’ve Known All Along: Gender Exists On A Spectrum

A new study reveals evidence of a neurological distinction between gender identity and biological sex.

Attraction to Masculine and Feminine Faces May be Less Evolution, More Urban Jungle

How humans choose a mate is often put down to evolutionary theory. But when you look further than Western groups, it doesn’t look so simple.

Control: The Downfall of the Masculine and the Poison of Civilization

Lion Goodman and John Jones contend that when men unravel the need for control they will heal themselves, and the world.

The Science of Depression (Video)

The best explanation of the Science of Depression we have ever seen.

15 Ways to Talk About Sex

Betcha didn’t know there were so many different ways to discuss sex. You might be surprised.

7 Challenges of Being Good Men in Committed Relationships

Steven Lake Explores the Influences That Challenge Men to Remain Faithful

The Ick Factor: Who Does the Dirty Work?

Steven Lake examines how we define the sh*t jobs around the house and who does the clean up.

Parents Seeking Children’s Apps? Meet Your New BFF, Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop

It’s a huge challenge to find media that is constructive and empowering for our kids. Enter Tinybop.

Could There Have Been A Third Gender In Eden?

A concept of two genders not only limits ourselves, but may be at the root of environmental destruction.

NEW STUDY: Gender Defined Inconsistently in Transgender Equality Debates

A new study of the rhetoric used in debates about transgender equality shows inconsistencies in how gender identity is respected, as well as distinctions drawn between trans men and trans women.

Should Dads Talk To Their Kids About Menstruation?

Researchers are asking fathers how they approach menstruation education with their children

Ovulation Leads Women to Think Sexy Men Will Make Good Fathers

New research reveals ovulation may cause women to think attractive but unreliable men will make good fathers and life partners.

The Top WTF Moments in My Biology Classroom Last Year

For Diane Holtkiss, Biology Teacher, there are plenty of things that make her scratch her head in wonderment.

Shame Is Why We Fight

When a man can’t soothe his woman’s anxieties, he has failed to protect her. And in our culture of masculinity, failed men are expendable.