Being a Mama’s Boy Has Made Me Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise


Jed Diamond became a mama’s boy when his father left. Here are a few of the many lessons he’s learned since that day.

25 + 1 Characteristics of Highly Happy People


Danny Baker has spent a good deal of time learning what it means to be truly happy, and he would like to share what he has learned.

How Not to Be a Jerk To Your Bipolar Friend

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Michael Blaustein offers a peek into life as a man with Bipolar Disorder, and offers some tips on how to be a better friend to someone with Bipolar.

When Your Guy Friends Do Not Understand Your Mental Health Issues


4 Tips to making living with Mental Health issues easier

Seeking Help for Fears and Anxieties

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Why you need to seek help if you’re scared all the time.

How Men Can Manage Their Depression

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Tweet Some helpful techniques for dealing with depression. — Some men have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can get the best of them.  As a result, here is a short list of techniques that a man can use to help manage their depression. One of the ways to […]

The Discomfort of the Mirror: Silver Linings Playbook, Bipolar, and Me

Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper, movie review, bipolar, bipolar disorder, mental health, men's health, bipolar men, violence

Ryan W. Bradley squirms through a film about a man like he was, not long ago: undiagnosed, violent, and about to hit bottom.

Why Can’t My Ex-Husband Talk About Our Son’s Psychiatric Disorder?

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Part of loving a person with a psychiatric disorder, writes Pauline Gaines, is acknowledging that the disorder is real.

“Depression feels like drowning.”


This is a comment by The Redhead Bedhead, Jane, and Sarah on the post “Can I Overcome Depression?”

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem


Not every suicide looks like a suicide.

“I identified with hip-hop artists because I felt similar pain, anger, and separation from the ‘mainstream’ culture.”


This is a comment by Deborah on the post “Hip Hop Generation Masculinity: The Story of Tupac, Biggie and Me”.

The Spoiled Only Child

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Being the adopted child of older parents made Christopher Banks the subject of bullying in school.

The Progression of Regret


William Henderson has divided the stages of regret into five plains of devastation.

The Cognitive Dissonance Of Love


When bipolar illness would’t let the woman he loved find her voice, Jack Varnell wrote the voice he heard anyway.

Prepped for Disaster

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Gabi Coatsworth thought she’d dodged the bipolar bullet when her second son was diagnosed as depressed.

A Slippery Road

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In this installment of “Bipolar Planet,” Gabi Coatsworth’s son, Jason, struggles to stay on the path to recovery.