The Manliest Tears of My Life

Kevin Hall finds the source of his greatest strength.

The Good Men Project: 10 Voices on Mental Health

In honor of Mental Health Month, The Good Men Project presents some of its best writings on mental health.

When Cancer Was the Easy Part

Sometimes life is not just facing a simple challenge. Sometimes it is more than one. Kevin Hall shares his fight with cancer, while bipolar disorder tied his emotional hands.

The Life of a Bipolar Dad

Yesterday Kevin Hall shared about his challenge with Cancer. That was nothing compared to dealing with his bipolar disorder. He tells us why.

My Teenage Son (Who Has Bipolar Disorder) is My Mentor

Liza Long looks to her son as a mentor. ___ In the third week of September 16 years ago, I met my second son for the first time. A difficult pregnancy with preterm labor and several long, tedious weeks of bed rest concluded anticlimactically with an apparently healthy baby born on his due date, a […]

I’m a Great Dad and I Have Bipolar Disorder

Aaron J. Smith is a wonderful father who lives with bipolar disorder.  ___   I was diagnosed bipolar in August of 2008. The diagnoses made so much sense out of the life I was living, out of the lows and highs I kept jumping between. It made sense out of the crazy stories from my […]

What It Means to be a Stigma Fighter for Mental Health Awareness

We must not let stereotypes, fear, and personal bias blind us from understanding mental health disorders.

Is Fighting Important in a Relationship?

Is fighting a symptom of something else wrong with the couple, maybe communication is lacking or nonexistent?

Leaving On A Southern Train

Challenging the cliche of another fallen Rock God.

Call For Submissions: Men, Mental Health and Stigma

Many men fear that bringing their suffering to light will serve only to emasculate them. Let’s break the stigma.

Can A Broken Man Overcome His Greatest Fear

I battle a disease that has no physical ailment, no test and no proven cure.

He Stayed When Most Would Have Left

Suicide survivor Madison Rae shares her story, and thanks her husband, who stayed through her mental illness “in sickness and in health.”

I Think Of Suicide Like You Think Of Changing Jobs

Thinking often of suicide doesn’t make you suicidal.  Letting it plant roots in your mind is what pushes you over the edge. — I consider suicide. I write that in the present tense because that is the reality of my existence. I consider ending my own life. It’s not an every day occurrence, but the […]

A Light in the Void of Despair

Shawn Henfling shares the unexpected benefits of his fight with Depression.

Inside The Prison Of My Mind

Shawn Henfling offers a glimpse into his mind in the midst of a depressive episode.

Escalation In The Emergency Room: An All Too Common Occurrence.

Shawn Henfling responds to an unknown nurse’s treatment of a mentally ill young woman in an Emergency Room.