Birds and Bees

Did his mother tell him that hanging was the only way black boys could jump without ever having their feet touch the ground?

Changes in Sex Ed Curriculum: Playboy’s Dr. Jess Schools the Board

What should our children be learning about sexuality and their bodies? Alison Tedford interviews sexologist Dr. Jess about changing attitudes and curriculum. — Controversial changes to curriculum about the birds and the bees has parents in Ontario, Canada buzzing. I interviewed Dr. Jess O’Reilly, a sexologist from Toronto, on the topic. The controversy began with […]

Dads, Sons and “The Talk”

Dad’s giving their sons “The Talk” are often moments of extreme discomfort for both parties and can sometimes be a source of very funny stories –here is one such case.

Birds, Bees & Chicken Seeds

Time for the sex talk? Take a minute and learn from Alyssa Royse’s mistakes.

Dear John: Another Dad Gave My Son ‘The Talk’ Before I Could

A missed window for the birds and the bees talk, a boyfriend with a potential drinking problem, and a discovery of a son’s porn collection.

Dads: Talking to Your Daughter About Sex

Lisette Johnson walks dads through the tricky process of talking with their daughters about sex.

A Boy’s First Look at Puberty

“Your son’s been distracted by girls,” Miss Pelley informed Robert Steven Williams’ mother. “He’s a bit early on the curve. Have you had the birds and the bees discussion?”

The Gentlemen of Paradise

Carl Pettit finds the mating rituals of the male of the species, avian and human, comically and tragically similar.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Start early, and lay the groundwork at each age by answering kids’ questions about sex in developmentally appropriate ways.

The Birds and The Bees and The Filthy, Filthy Bird-on-Bee Sex That Ensued

Like Adam and Steve before him, Jeremy Feist had been presented his own personal paradise, and he abandoned it in search of the knowledge of where babies come from.