10 Reasons Why You Should Man Up and Get Cut

Matthew Hoffman thinks the same guys who think vasectomies make them less manly are the ones who hang Truck Nutz from their bumpers.

Pope Francis: Catholic Church too ‘Obsessed’ With Social Issues

Pope Francis believes it is time for the Catholic Church to find a new balance, with the focus being less on social issues and more on “healing the wounds of it’s faithful.”

OPEN THREAD: Discussion of NYTimes Opinion Piece “Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?”

We would like to talk about men’s reproductive rights.

Illinois Passes Bill for Comprehensive Sex-Ed in Public Schools

“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence—and they listen.”

Three Conversations To Have Before Your Children Leave For College

A lot of the trials of college life can be mitigated by some simple conversations.

Wimpy Guy’s Guide To Getting A Vasectomy

Jay Palter wants you to know that getting snipped is really not a big deal.

Sarah Silverman on Reproductive Rights: It’s a Nonpartisan Issue

The comic argues that reproductive rights are human issue—not a Democrat or Republican one.

Whether to Father: 11/3

Don’t know if you want to become a father? Or are you certain?

Why Smoking Is Banned on Airplanes

A tale of chivalry and danger from the days when airline travelers could smoke on commercial flights.

Five Things I Didn’t Know About My Body

They say female sexuality is mysterious. Olivia Davis explores some things about female sexuality and anatomy that even she didn’t know.

My Response to ‘The Good Men Project: The Day I Went for an Abortion’

What is the worth of one life?

Why Don’t We Have Male Birth Control?

As the joke goes, male birth control is ten years away– and it has been for decades. Of course, that’s inaccurate. In fact, some estimates say that, if one counts the male condom, vasectomies, and withdrawal, a third of birth control is currently practiced by (cis) men. It’s not that people with penises don’t have […]

The Day I Went For An Abortion

So long as people think abortions only happen to people they don’t know, they’ll continue to limit our choice.

Where You Came From

These things don’t always work, says Mother. Where do you think your sister came from?

“Heterosexual sex and the balance of power between the sexes outside the bedroom are inextricably linked.”

This is a comment by HelixLuco on the post “The Most Offensive Word in Michigan: Vagina”.

Should Men Be Allowed to Buy ‘Plan B’?

A New Jersey man learned the hard way that some folks aren’t ready for men to play an equal role in contraception.