A Real Mother of a Matinee

a not-orgasmic birth?

Ben Shaberman wasn’t sure what to expect when his girlfriend took him to see “Orgasmic Birth”. Yes, you read that right.

Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend

teddy meets best friend

This teddy bear just won the internet’s heart.

Moving Photo Project Shows Dads In The Moments After They First Become Fathers


Photographer Dave Young captures new fathers’ reactions and expressions after the birth of their children in 8 amazing photos.

Crying Makes a Man Feel Whole

crying, manhood, emotions, emotionality, authenticity, vulnerability

Tears of joy, disappointment, love, or loss–all add texture to man’s being.

“Today my niece is such a normal, healthy, rambunctious first grader, that it is hard to believe she ever got off to such a fragile start.”

kids at play

This comment by KatyD on the post A Dad Documents His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

My Hurricane

nyc, sandy, hurricane, new york, blackout, storm,

It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy. Ariel Chesler looks back on the storm and the birth of his daughter.

Everything Since: Five Weeks at Home With a Baby, Five Months as a Father


Joe Stracci spent 5 weeks at home with his daughter, just long enough to learn everything and nothing.

Dear John: Seeing Baby’s Birth Kills His Sex Drive


A dad uncomfortable after birth, a “When Harry Met Sally” frustration, and guy who is only infatuated until the other person is.

The First Time: Dad Demands Epidural

Zero months

First-time dad Dustin Fisher hopes that his first childbirth doesn’t set the tone for the rest of his parenting life.

It’s Not About Why

erik kiss tati

One minute we were laughing and thirty-five minutes later, I was being asked which of my husband’s organs I was willing to give away.

On Death and Birth


Mark Watkins experiences two births and two deaths and is struck by their parallels.

How I “Almost” Killed My Son


A home-cooked meal was on the table and Tarzan was ready to be watched when catastrophe struck.

My Second Birth

Me Miles Cottage

Leonard Pitt never got the opportunity to raise a child from birth. Until his grandson arrived and changed everything.

“I cried like a baby for three months as my son fought for his life in a St. Louis Children’s Hospital.”


This is a comment by Josh Magill on the post “Parents, This is Our Edict”.

“When my son was born I felt duty, responsibility and warmth, but I didn’t feel that passionate sense of lifelong love.”


When did you first bond with your child? Elise said that while that true love for her son eventually came to her, it wasn’t immediate. This can heap shame and guilt onto new parents and leave them feeling even more alone.

“Separating children from marriage? Sure, we do it, and perhaps we must.”


Olive thinks that we should separate childbearing from marriage entirely because part of the reason why so many people get pressured into marriage when they aren’t ready is so they don’t “run out of time” to have kids. D.A. Wolf agrees, but with one caveat…