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A sliver of light beneath the door.

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Imagine waking up and finding that half of your face was frozen in place.

A Gay Dad’s Letter to the Slain Matthew Shepard

Many remember the horror of seeing Matthew Shepard crucified on a cold Wyoming plain 18 years ago. Here is a letter to the slain Matthew from a gay dad of today. If you don’t know Matthew, or even if you think you do, you need to read this. — This week, Matthew Shepard, had he […]

Happy Birthday: Everyone Old is New Again

Some people think I’m younger than I really am. Maybe because I have a full head of hair. But at my age, I didn’t expect to still have any hair. So I celebrate it by blow drying it every morning.

How My New Boyfriend’s Coma Brought Us Closer Than Ever

The next time I saw him he was gone, sedated into unconsciousness and hooked up to what felt like hundreds of blinking machines.

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Dads & Families Podcast Ep 53: #AmazonFamilyUS

As the modern American family evolves, so should the companies trying to help it along.

The 5 Best Ways to Age Gracefully

The best way to age with grace is to become more graceful about aging.

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Shawn Henfling shares the crushing emotional burden and fear that come with every setback in his recovery from depression.

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What’s More Precious Than a ’57 Chevy? [Video]

Dillan DiGiovanni was truly moved by this father’s gratitude for his precious son.

Don’t Even THINK About Wishing Me a Happy Birthday on Facebook

Real friends don’t wish Michael Stusser happy birthday on Facebook.

Mother of Lonely Boy Gifts Her Son with Friends (thousands of them) for His Birthday

Colin told his mom he didn’t want a birthday party when he turns 11 because he had no friends to invite. Days later he has over 400,000 friends worldwide.

A Letter to Myself: Turning 25 and Perfecting the Pursuit

Adam Ornelas takes stock of his first quarter century. Despite setbacks in love and work, what he finds is inspiration to be the best man he can be.

Dear Brother

Jacob Tucker’s brother just turned 24. And it’s time Jacob told him what he really thinks about him.