The Surprise Birthday Party that Changed My Life and It Wasn’t Even Mine

I planned the surprise party she would never forget only to have my life profoundly change as well…

I’m a Man Who Refuses to Grow Up

When Kevin Nordstrom turned 31, he refused to grow up. __ “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S. Lewis Last April, there was a birthday party. This birthday brought friends and family over in a dazzling array of costumes. There were Batman and […]

I Just Turned 30; I’m Officially Too Old to Care

I’m not too old to care about things that are important or worthwhile or that I enjoy doing. But I am too old to care about nonsense and negativity and about the consequences of being myself.

3 Tips For Negotiating Special Events With Your Ex And Kids

Holidays and events for divorced parents can create a moment of panic. Inevitably the first thought is: do I have my kids that weekend? Lisa Bien gives some helpful tips to use as you navigate around the possible landmines and make it easy on everyone to have your child attend the events.

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Put the Canoe in the Paddle

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When the Number 10 Comes Rolling Along

The years sneak up on Whit Honea until his son’s first double-digit birthday pokes him in both eyes

My Birthday Today

#30: As I turn a year older and reflect on age, I don’t mind feeling sturdy.