Straight Talk About Bisexuality

Bisexuality is real. Do you know what it is — and what it isn’t?

Bi The Way: Male Bisexuality & Swinging

Does bisexual male activity automatically mean a man is gay?

Call for Submissions – Gay, Bi, Trans Like Me

It’s time to talk about the “right” way to be gay, or bi, or trans.

I’m a Bisexual Man. Yes. Really. [video]

This gent’s decided to set the record “straight” about what it means to be bisexual.

Call for Submissions: What Do You Want to Talk About?

We’re looking for stories from gay, bisexual, and trans* men about the things that interest you that you’d like to talk about.

Call for Submissions – Gay, Bisexual, Trans* Men

The Good Men Project wants to hear from gay, bisexual, and trans* men.

When Bad Men Do Good Things

Can people be so tainted that even when they do a good deed, it somehow isn’t?

Smashing Male Stereotypes

We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

Indecisive, Slutty, and Closeted: Bisexual Men in 3 Stereotypes

Tobias is everything you expect bi men to be, and then some.

Bisexual, Pansexual, Born or Made?

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse knows bisexuality is real, but wonders if he was born this way or made.

Doubly Blessed

Travis Mamone is bisexual and beloved.

Bisexual Men: 8/4

Bisexual men: what does your Good Life look like?

It’s Time to Open Up Your Closet

We all have our own closets.

I Lust After Flight Attendants

Some mild private lusting is not only OK, but purely human, writes Trent Kays.

Bisexual Men, Like, Exist And Stuff

In “no, duh” news, several new studies reported by the New York Times show that bisexual men actually exist. One of the most common biphobic narratives is that the penis is what counts. A woman who has sex with men is really straight, even if she also fucks women; a man who has sex with men is […]

Mythbusting Bisexual Men

We accept that women’s sexuality is remarkably fluid. But the flip side is the continued insistence that male sexuality is static, simple, and comes in only two distinct flavors: gay or straight.