The Hero’s Journey

very hero must complete 12 stages. One student has done us all a favor and brought them to life in video.

The Magical Mystical Mechanical Levitating Screwdriver Trick

What the…? Whaa-at? It’s mechanic magic!

When Your Kid Annoys You Part 2

Let’s get ready to tummmble!!

Moose Plays With Drone

It’s Bullwinkle through a key hole, unaware of his own gangly majesty.

‘Argument for the Low-Budget Gay Movie’

Two boys walk into a field of desire and the rest is history.

‘The Perfect Panic Attack’

In the midst of a panic attack, it’s ironic that every primal, basic piece of you is screaming at you to survive.

‘Brown Boy, White Boy’

White boy doesn’t want to infiltrate the safe space. Brown boy doesn’t want to prevent honest dialogue as biracial boy sits by, no idea what he is to anybody.

One Question That Reveals a Narcissist

Where is your self, the stuff that makes you who you are, in your body? Answering this question can identify if you are a narcissist.

How To Care For Your Bald Head – with Justin Brown and Bec Susan Gil

For the best looking grape, sharpen your razor!

‘No One Knows How Beautiful a Consummation of Bellies can be”

Christopher Stanly – “Fat Love”

A Demonstration Of What Happens When The ISS Accelerates

200 miles above earth, during the burn in the Russian segment module, objects and people move of their own accord.

From the Sumerians to Shakespeare to Twain: Why Fart Jokes Never Get Old

Farts are often a source of discomfort and embarrassment, so why do they double as an inspiration for humor, even literary beauty?

A Portrait Of Alan Adler, Inventor Of Better Coffee Makers And Frisbees

The aerodynamics of sailboats inspired Alan Adler to improve a range of inventions from frisbees to coffee makers.

6 New Rules of Wearing Sweatpants: Men’s Fashion Tips

Hint, men: “Avoid weirdness in your zone.”

Dad and Kid Activity: Simple Homebrew Magnetic Silly Putty (the REAL stuff)

It’s magnetic. It’s silly. It’s magnetic silly putty!

We Did 39 Acts of Kindness for Our Birthdays (32+7)

This awesome dad believes is teaching his daughter to change the world — one small act of kindness at a time.