How To Care For Your Bald Head – with Justin Brown and Bec Susan Gil

For the best looking grape, sharpen your razor!

A Portrait Of Alan Adler, Inventor Of Better Coffee Makers And Frisbees

The aerodynamics of sailboats inspired Alan Adler to improve a range of inventions from frisbees to coffee makers.

We Did 39 Acts of Kindness for Our Birthdays (32+7)

This awesome dad believes is teaching his daughter to change the world — one small act of kindness at a time.

Don’t Eat Lunch Alone, Eat It with Stephen Colbert Instead

Sick of boring lunches alone at your desk? Have lunch with Stephen Colbert!

The Pigeon Kings of Brooklyn

A New York man finds inspiration and life wisdom from an unexpected source.

How Astronauts Sleep on the International Space Station

Ever wondered how astronauts sleep in zero gravity?

Poo, Puke, and Penises: 5 Bizarre Fossil Discoveries for Boys who Love Dinosaurs

Think dinosaur bones are cool? Check out what scientists found in these fossils from millions of years ago!

Curtains Up!

In the theater, we can set aside our differences and be united in the power of our stories.

The Pool Trick Shot They Said Was Impossible

Jesse James calls himself the “one handed hustler”. And of course, not just one hand, but one had behind his back. Enjoy watching someone for whom pool is life and life is mastery.

“People aren’t either wicked or noble.”

A short quote by Lemony Snicket.

How Do You Make a Kid Feel Good About Chemotherapy? Re-brand it as ‘Superformula’

We can imagine that one of the worst things about going through chemotherapy for a child is the fear. And who fights fear better than a superhero?

Do You Know the Man Giving This Speech? (Humbly Called The Greatest Speech Ever Given)

“To those who can hear me know I say ‘Do Not Despair.'”

Watch What Teens are Doing With Their Spare Time These Days [This Will Make You Laugh]

What are teenage boys doing with their spare time these days? Perhaps not what you think.

What Happens When You Combine Centrifugal Motion and Hamsters? (Video)

You want to watch this video of these two adorable hamsters…for science!

The Trouble with Trouble

We’ve all been there, yes?

Insanity Is Not Black and White

Found on Facebook: Joe Samlin