7 Reasons Why Christmas Should Still Matter to You

I Asked My Friends and a Troll One Question: “Does Christmas Matter to You?” The Results Surprised Me.

Wanting What You’ve Got is the Ultimate Key to Gratitude & Happiness

A 2 step guideline to help you navigate your purchases this blessed Black Friday.

The Power of Black Money in the Aftermath of Ferguson

If you can’t appreciate my right to live, I won’t appreciate your right to profit!

Who Needs to Shop on Thanksgiving?

Holidays are for quality time with family and friends, sharing good food, laughter, love and joy, not for shopping.

Holiday Rituals: A Thanksgiving Nation or A Christmas Nation?

Michael C. Phillip on society’s need to be more like Thanksgiving and less like Black Friday.

Santa Sex Tape

One celebrity whose star will never set is Santa Claus’, and one reason why is that he’ll never be brought low by scandal.

Zombie Holiday

In this installment of Matt Salesses’s “Love, Recorded:” loneliness, recorded.

Show a Little Thankfulness This Holiday Season

Let’s show some appreciation for the people in our lives because of who they are, not the things they give us

Black Friday Brings Out the Worst in Human Beings

Nathan Graziano was just coming around to believe in the altruistic and kind nature of humanity during the holiday season. Then Black Friday came along.

The Question Is…. Is Your Holiday More Important Than Someone Else’s?

Are you willing to give up certain traditions if it means someone else can also have a day off?

What Should We Be Thankful For?

How do we remember who we are in this modern world? In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Black Friday strikes, adoption rears its lonesome head, and yet Matt takes a moment in all the noise to give thanks.

Attempting to Make Christmas Not Suck This Year

No amount of repenting and stretching and bitching is going to change anything. We are already all right.

How Black Friday Brings Out the Needy and Greedy in All

Here’s a glimpse into the madness for all the suckers who were too good and lazy for (or—admit it—afraid of) Black Friday shopping. These ravenous shoppers show you what the holidays are REALLY all about…

Top Five Timeless Toys for the Holidays

The world’s best children’s toys are remarkably cheap, resourceful, easy to maintain, and easy to find.

To Hell With Black Friday

On Black Friday, Noah Brand has two words of advice: just don’t.

Remembering Tom Osborne

J.R. Reed looks at a coaching legend and the memories he shared with his dad.  My first memories of football are of watching Nebraska in the 1970’s. My parents were both raised in the Cornhusker state and I, along with my younger brother, was born there before moving to California in 1969. These thoughts are […]