Black Dad Interrupted

black history month

As a first time father of a male of color, Brandon Greene wonders if he feels as or more powerless than his mother and grandfather felt in his ability to protect his son.

5 Reasons America Is Wrongly Afraid Of Young Black Men

5 Reasons Why Americans Are Afraid Of Black Men

Dr. Vibe and a panel of black men discuss a few reasons why some Americans are afraid of black men.

Do Video Games Encourage Racism?

Do Video Games Encourage Racism - 1

Dr. Vibe and a group of men discuss if watching video games can cause racism.

For Black Men Who Seek Greatness When Doing Good Isn’t Enough

Black men City Hall

BMe Community is accepting nominations for the 2014 BMe Leadership Award. Do you know a few good black men?

There are Fewer than 100 Black Professors in Britain – Why?


Also, in Britain there is not a single institution that has a degree programme in Black British studies.

Marlon Wayans, Minding His Funny Business

Marlon Wayans

Aiming to be the Bill Gates of comedy, Marlon Wayans is dreaming in living color while remaining color blind to his dream.

How a Former Felon Became a Global Thought Leader


Once considered a threat to society, BMe Leader Shaka Senghor, now herald as a global thought leader, will present at the 30th anniversary TED Conference.

5 Things Paul Ryan Wishes He Could Say To Lazy “Inner City Men”

paul ryan1

In lieu of Paul Ryan’s commitment to improve life outcomes of inner city men, here are five things he would probably say to them.

What Paul Ryan Gets Wrong About Inner City Men


I agree with Paul Ryan, there’s a culture problem, but it’s his, not ours.

There is no ‘White Boogeyman’


Dr. Vibe has a discussion with Yolanda Young, who believes that a number of black parents are overreacting to a post by George Zimmerman and Micheal Dunn.

How a Gay Grandparent will Lovingly Raise Black Boys

These could be our boys.

Anthony Carter feels his biggest challenge will be protecting their innocence and encouraging others to believe that black children have innocence and it is worth protecting.

Feet Forward: What One Man is doing to Help Save the Planet

Hagins Sneakers

With research showing that the production of one pair of sneakers emits 30 pounds of carbon dioxide, one man urges consumers to kick the habit of new shoe hoarding & tossing.

Conservatives Call President Obama ‘Real Racist’ For ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Program


Conservatives are firing back against President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” program. Last week, Obama announced the initiative that will create a task force to promote and expand programs that provide young men of color with educational opportunities and jobs.

What Do You Believe to Be True About Black Men?


BMe Community Founder Trabian Shorters wants a different dialogue about our future together.

Black Male Achievement ≠ White Male Failure


There is increasing backlash from white men who feel vilified and targeted as being the source of all cultural ills.

Why Am I Scary?


LeRon Barton has experience navigating the world as a Black man, but the Jordan Davis killing has him asking why that needs to be a challenge.