Just Because You’re Black Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be a Victim

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Kimanzi Constable’s mother told him to never play the “victim card.” She said that if he wanted something badly enough, it didn’t matter what color his skin was — he could make it happen.

The First Black Mayor of Philadelphia and His Story of Service


Approaching 80 years strong, Reverend W Wilson Goode, Sr., still serves the community.

Dancing While Lying Dead In The Street


“You can lynch us or beat us or shoot us, but that will never diminish our courage. Our legacy as a tenacious people will remain.”

Michael Brown, Ferguson and the Nature of Unrest


Too many in the United States view the disputed events that led to Brown’s death as the reasonable, albeit unfortunate, consequence of his errant behaviour.

50 Years After The Civil Rights Act, Integration Remains Elusive

50 Years After The Civil Rights Act Integration Remains Elusive

Dr. Vibe asks a group of black men about the state of integration fifty years after the Civil Rights Act was passed Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with a Victory Unlimited, Henri Morris and Gerard Kersey Jr. in which they talk about the following stories: The Dr. Vibe Show™: HIV In America Has Disproportionately Hurt […]

Who Are the “Good Guys With Guns”?

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Alex Yarde wants to look beyond the next news cycle on the epidemic of unarmed killings of black males.

Why Is Progress So Hard For African-American Men?

Why Is Progress So Hard For African-American Men

Dr. Vibe asks a group of African-American men what challenges African-American men face in America today.

Dear White Gay Men: You Don’t Get a ‘Race Card’ For Being Gay

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As gay men with white privilege, we want to explain to you how oppressive and embarrassing you are.

To Meddling Parents of Grown Children: STAND DOWN!


As parents our ultimate goal should be to produce self-sufficient humans who will make good choices in life.