How Black Reporters Report on Black Death

How Black Reporters Report On Black Death

Dr. Vibe asks some Black men about how challenging it can be for Black reporters to report on unarmed Blacks who are dying in encounters with police

Parenting in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter


As parents of color, we fear for our children, but we also need to think about ourselves.

Could Black People in the US Qualify as Refugees?

Could Black People In The U.S. Qualify As Refugees?

Dr. Vibe asks a group of African American men if African Americans have a case to claim refugee status

Defying What’s Blackness, What’s Femininity, What’s Masculinity


One group says, “Act like a man.” One group says, “Femme it up.” Icon does neither.

Top 5 (Statistically Proven) Reasons to Love Black Men

love the black man

Where is the love? It shouldn’t take a bunch of studies and statistics to tell us these guys deserve it!

Performing Black Masculinity: Reflections on a Jewish Boy’s Youth

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Our perceptions of black masculinity are based on myths white men created to dehumanize black men. But we are captive to these myths inasmuch as we desire to make this imagined black masculinity our own.

Dear Justice Thomas: The Government’s Actions (and Inactions) CAN Strip Someone of Dignity

justice thomas dignity

Decoteau Irby explains how many Black males in this country who would feel more valuable if they were given a fair chance in an unjust criminal justice system.

After The Charleston Shootings What Is Next?

After The Charleston Shootings What Is Next?

Dr.Vibe hosts a discussion with African American men in which the discuss the Charleston shooting tragedy and what they want to happen in its aftermath

He Cries Alone: Black Men And PTSD


Whether they are veterans or victims of violence, black men are less likely to seek the help they need when they have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Police Officers or Peace Officers?: The Limitations of Traditional Masculinity for Law Enforcement

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Retired Police Officer and current Clinical Psychologist Ive Eicken describes how old notions of masculinity may prevent police officers from being peace officers. Most of us depend on law enforcement officers to keep us safe. We call the police when something has already gone very wrong. We want the officer who shows up to be […]

Now Is the Time to Start Talking About Racism in the LGBT Community


As a double-minority, Ernest Owens sees racism in a unique way…and it’s time to stop pretending it doesn’t exist.

What Are Black Men Saying About Baltimore Uprising 2015? (Part 2 Of 2)

What Are Black Men Saying About Baltimore Uprising 2015 Part 2 Of 2

Dr. Vibe hosts a second discussion with a group of Black men about Baltimore Uprising 2015

Social Reparations for Racist Incarceration: What Americans Owe Men Like Kalief Browder


Matthew Rozsa argues that it’s time for Americans to pay their debt to non-whites suffering from racial discrimination.

Are There 1.5 Million Missing Black Men In America?

Are There 1.5 Missing Black Men In America - 1

Dr. Vibe asks a group of black men for their thoughts on the recent New York’s Times article “1.5 Million Missing Black Men”

The Death Of Martin Luther King And The State Of Civil Rights In America

The Death Of Martin Luther King

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men about the state of civil rights in America forty-seven years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.