Us and Them, 2014


In this poem, MaryLisa DeDomenicis reminds us of a common stereotype and the human need “to distinguish one’s self.”

To End the Brutality Against People of Color, White People Need to Start Listening


People cling to what they believe is “true” about why Black men are targets for police brutality. But the truth is shocking, and brutal in and of itself.

After The Eric Garner Decision What Does Black America Need To Do?

After Eric Garner Decision What Does Black America Need To Do?

Dr. Vibe asks a panel of Black American men, “What is Black America’s next move after the Michael Brown grand jury decision?”

Ferguson, Garner, and the Paradox of the Black Attorney

ferguson garner paradx

Brandon Greene opens up about being a young black lawyer navigating his job and his peers in the midst of current events.

The Power of Black Money in the Aftermath of Ferguson

What Can Mike Brown Buy

If you can’t appreciate my right to live, I won’t appreciate your right to profit!

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