Parenting for a “Blended Family”: Tips for Recoupling Dads

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Dr. Patricia Papernow shares parenting tips for remarried dads

What if You’re an Atheist, and Your Ex Wants to Raise Your Kids Christian?


Doug Zeigler is an atheist, but his ex is a Christian. How can they figure out the best way to co-parent the kids they share?

Non-Nuclear Love

photo by Philippe Put

Doug Zeigler hates to see families passive-aggressively punished for not fitting in the strict societal norms.

The Men Who Made Me Who I Am

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Doug Ziegler credits who he is, as a man and a father, to both his father and his stepfather. Now he’s committed to being the best dad and stepdad he can be.

Watching Him Go


Edwin Lyngar considers the “flaky” upbringing his oldest child had, with him for a single father.

Mixed and Step Families: 12/1


Detonate the myth of the ‘normal’ family unit.

A Moment of Tension: Her Kids Meet His


I don’t think I realized how important our synching was to me, or what it would look like, until that moment.

“I would likely date a man with children. It was the adults, not the parenting that bothered me!”


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