The Upside of a Broken Home: 14 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Divorce

We love our children and we fear we will mess up their lives in some way. I hear this fear
voiced over and over again: “I don’t want to hurt my children with a divorce.”

Divorce Is The Reason My Child Is Happier Instead Of Damaged

Embed from Getty Images People who say that children will be “ruined” by divorce are speaking from fear and not moving toward the future with love. ___ By Elif Ekin It is coming up on my 5-year divorce anniversary. Our life has shifted and changed so much that life pre-divorce seems like a lifetime ago. […]

How Children Can Cope With A New Step-Sibling

Dealing with new siblings can be hard. Dealing with new step siblings can be even harder. Karen Becker gives advice on how to build a new normal with a blended family.

5 Tips for Blended Families

Adam Davis on how time, respect, and unity help build a blended family.

How Can I Help My Girlfriend Accept My Son?

His girlfriend can only see his ex when she looks at his son.

The Art Of Presence

Father Time is a weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life, particularly a father’s life. The point of view comes from a father of two young sons, both under three-years-old, and how time really is just that: a concept. ◊♦◊ You’ve definitely heard the phrase being present. It’s a modern […]

3 Cool Things My New Husband Did for My Sons

Ron traveled 4,000 miles to find me. But he’s gone to even longer distances for my boys.

An Open Letter to My College-Bound Girl

Tommy Maloney’s bonus daughter is off to college, and he finally tells her the things he never said.

Who the F#%k is Tommy Maloney?

Tommy Maloney thinks he’s no one special. But after 30 days, we might disagree.

So, You are a Stepdad – What Do The Kids Call You?

Trevor LaForce answers the frequently asked question about what his step children call him.

4 Tips for Blending Your Families

Tommy Maloney offers guidance on the challenge of blending families after divorce.

Dear Dad: The One With the Girlfriend Called ‘Mom’

A mom discovers her son is calling his dad’s girlfriend ‘Mom’ and turns to Dear Dad for advice.

Michael Pope: Expanding the Concept of Family

Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads. __ There is no better place to witness the changing roles of men and women in the larger culture than through the lens of parenthood. But rather than speculate on what and how contemporary fathers do what they do, we’d like to bring […]

Jed Diamond: The Best and the Worst of Me

Welcome to Portraits in Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

Domestic Violence Is Not a Problem Women Can Solve

Men need each other for support, but they need women and society to give them room to grow and change and redefine masculinity and manhood into the beautiful, caring, love filled thing that it is.

Blending a Family is About More Than Pronouns

Christine Benvenuto knows that “his, mine, and ours” doesn’t cover it. She checks her “mama privilege” and shares her story of blending a family.