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(Step)Fatherhood and the Blended Family

There isn’t a mountain he wouldn’t move, not a horrifying trombone solo he wouldn’t sit through, for these kids, that aren’t his own. And the thing that is hard about that is… he isn’t their dad.

A Step-Dad To-Be Sends a Heartfelt Promise to His Almost Wife and Her Son

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The Reading Parent

The kids would pound on their tables and chanting “fresh meat, fresh meat” until their voices reached a frenzied crescendo of unintelligible whooping and howling.

Digging A Hole

Living nearly 1,300 miles apart for past several years has often been miserable.


When my sisters and I were kids, there was no more heated battle than who got to ride in the front seat on the way to school. Being the oldest, I felt this provided me an unspoken entitlement to the position. Nope. Our dad left it to whoever called it first.