6 Secrets of a Happy Second Marriage

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Second marriages offer special challenges, but really, these tips apply to any long-term committed relationship.

Two Lessons in Grief – When You Lose a Member of Your Family

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They had eight years to ease the grief their new family member felt over the loss of HER family, and when she left them she taught more than they expected about getting over grief.

The Reading Parent


The kids would pound on their tables and chanting “fresh meat, fresh meat” until their voices reached a frenzied crescendo of unintelligible whooping and howling.

Digging A Hole

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Living nearly 1,300 miles apart for past several years has often been miserable.


Allie Noah Car Show

When my sisters and I were kids, there was no more heated battle than who got to ride in the front seat on the way to school. Being the oldest, I felt this provided me an unspoken entitlement to the position. Nope. Our dad left it to whoever called it first.