A Blessing in Aisle #9

William Reese discovered that sometimes blessings truly do come in disguise.

Recognizing Blessings in Disguise

Theresa Byrne asks if there are moments or events in life when what first appeared as problems unfolded as blessings.

Fear of a Number? Phobia of a Friday? Today Is Your Lucky Day!

Theresa Byrne is tired of the superstitious bad rap the number 13 gets and wants to add a little luck to your day.

Blessings, Miracles, and Gifts Will Often Appear When You Feel Unworthy

Anthony Goulet shares how seeing ourselves through the lies that lie within us creates a distorted view of who and what we truly are.

That Which Fills Us When We Give It Away

Anthony Goulet shares the power of getting out of the way and letting the God deliver what needs to be said to reach those who have been deemed unreachable and to teach those who have been labeled as unteachable.

9 Misfortunes Everyone Experiences That You Don’t Realize Are Blessings In Disguise

Turn the way that you think of these common occurrences on their head—and transform your life in the process.

10 Ways for a Man to Love A Woman

Graham Phoenix stops seeking comfort from his woman and instead looks to create an amazing relationship with her.

Marriage Is a Garden … Ya Dig?!

An amazing woman shares her simple marriage secret after five years of happiness with her husband, ‘Amazing Grace.’

The Art of Little Blessings

Good for the Soul co-editor Kevin Macku reflects on the food chain, sunlight and how we can share little blessings with others—because sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.

What Our (Straight, Married) Best Man Taught Me About the Value of Family

A best man supports the marriage of his friends, long after the reception.

How to Create Customized Blessings

Advice from Magpie Girl on creating custom blessings to use throughout the year.

The New Lucky

After tragedy, we develop new regard for our everyday blessings.

This Is Wonderful News … Right?

This isn’t about how we feel down the road. This is about that first split second when we realize that everything we know is about to change for good.

Eat the Cake

Robert Barsanti wishes he had eaten more cake, kissed more women, and seen Sarah Vaughn when he had the chance.

3 Ways My Mom Taught Me How to Be a Dad

Home Made Dad learned the vital principles of parenthood from his mother.

“Let’s not envision women as divinely merciful inhuman angels who deserve better than us any more than we envision them to be inferior beings.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the comment of the day “I just think it’s a bloody miracle women think we’re sexy.”