What Dream of Yours Failed? (Call for Submissions)

What did you do when your dream failed?

5 Smart Moves Your Small Business Should Make This Year

It’s not business as usual anymore. Savvy businessmen have to be proactive.

No, You Shouldn’t Expect Unconditional Love From Your Spouse

Your dog may love you unconditionally, but grown human adults aren’t our pets.

Student Perspectives on Race and Education in Tuscaloosa

Teens at two high schools helped ProPublica tell the story of resegregation by documenting their experiences in photos. Their work has launched a conversation about race and education in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and beyond.

I’m Shane. I Could Die Tonight. Come Laugh at My Nightmare.

“Shane Burcaw … is razor smart, irreverent, and laugh-out-loud funny. I would help change his underpants anytime.” ~Rainn Wilson

Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian Provides 10 Ways For This Generation To Dream Bigger

For a man who started a site that has gained over 110 million users and over 5.8 billion page views, 30-year-old Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian is bound to know a lot about the Internet.

Don’t Go Back to Sleep: The World Desperately Needs You

How an article my wife sent me from a writer I’d never heard of changed my way of thinking. I think it will change yours, too.

50 Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap

The author gives advice to men in relationships on how to keep things sexy on a budget.

We’re Looking for Everyday Bloggers

If you have interest in men, have the discipline to write a post a day, and want the benefits of writing for a large, engaged and growing platform, consider joining The Good Men Project team.

We’re Looking for Bloggers

Are you a blogger, or want to be one? Do you have a genuine interest in men, masculinity, or what it takes to be a good man? Join the Good Men Project!

My 100th Post on Business Issues (And 6 Things I’ve Learned Along the Way)

“The blog became part writing exercise, part wish-fulfillment, and part therapy. It also caused me to talk less to our dog when I was having a particularly slow day on the word processor, which I am not sure she misses.”

Shouldn’t the Kids of Parenting Bloggers Have a Right to Privacy?

Kenny Bodanis believes the stories of his children are not his to tell. What do you think?

Lessons Learned at The Summit of Dads

Kenny Bodanis on how the Dad 2.0 conference changed his outlook.

Ten Things I’ve Learned – New Series

Josh Bowman explores a new format for the next few weeks at Ten Things I’ve Learned.

“Can I Blog Too, Daddy?”

Kenny Bodanis is proud that his son wants to join him where he works… on the internet. Uh-oh.

An Open Letter to Children of Screaming Parents

Kenny Bodanis has some sage advice for the parents of that kid who won’t stop screaming.