The 1950’s Man In Me: Part 2


Sometimes talking about our emotions isn’t all we think it’s cracked up to be.

WWCAD: What Would Christian Anarchists Do?


It’s a rainy, lazy Saturday in Portland. A perfect time to dive into the Gospel of Mark and cultivate my inner anarchist.

Why I Write – There’s a Story Inside All of Us

quote with pencils

To have and to hold, every moment of living, in every corner of the world. Journals, poems, blogs, for Michael Kasdan, they’re all portals to a new world, and a new experience.

Smoothing Out Awkward


An awkward dating blogger shows other awkward guys how not to be, awkward.

Types of Women I Avoid Dating


A dating blogger respectfully describes the kinds of women he won’t go out with.

Fathers Are Changing: Mom-Bloggers, Please Get on Board

Fathers Are Changing: Mom-Bloggers, Please Get on Board

Josh McCumber argues that if modern dads want to change how they’re being portrayed online, they’re going to need some help from the mom blogger community.

I’m Going to Take Down the Walls and Bare My Scars

I'm going to take down my walls photo by articotropical

Arthur Dubay wonders why it’s relatively easy for him to open up to strangers, and much more difficult to do so with the ones he loves.

Dads Are Not the Enemy

dad, father, stereotypes, men

Whit Honea was told that men are inherently dangerous. He disagrees.

Veterans and Soldiers, We Want Your Stories

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What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century who goes off to war?

A Call for Bloggers

Call for Bloggers 2

Are you interested in joining a conversation that no one else is having? Would you like to write about all the ways men are changing in the 21st century? Want the benefits of writing for a large, growing, engaged platform? Read on.

I Looked On In Envy


A piece about respecting your elders. A young man meets a lesson in gentleness: his wife’s grandmother.

My 100th Post on Business Issues (And 6 Things I’ve Learned Along the Way)

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“The blog became part writing exercise, part wish-fulfillment, and part therapy. It also caused me to talk less to our dog when I was having a particularly slow day on the word processor, which I am not sure she misses.”

The Power of the Human Voice

oratory, public speaking, YouTube, viral videos, great speakers, TED Talks

In the age of the internet, what is the value of the human voice?

The Ethics of Writing about Living People: 4/13

press, journalism, blogging, ethics, interviews, memoir, nonfiction, lives of famous people, call for submissions, The Good Life, male writers, men who write, The Good Men Project

Who owns a story?

I’m Back

I'm back

Josh Bowman has been away from his blog for a while. He’s back now, kicking and screaming.

Writing Outside the (Idiot) Box


Dream of churning out laughs for the Hollywood machine? Do it from home, counsels Greg White, who finds freedom writing for anything but TV.